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Doesn't work Answered

Since 2007 I have been answering readers queries here. This is now impossible because questions are burried in a mass of queries from specific instructables.

I do not have time to scroll through and find specific questions

So sorry that's it. No one benefits from my experience and knowledge any more.

I suspect this is the same for all of the other regular responders to readers queries.


Yeah, I think I'm basically out of here too. What a complete disaster. Who in the world thought this was an improvment.

And anything you click insists on downloading all the stupidly large images for the Instructable related to the question.

Bye folks.

Huge pity. I guess they must have some gran plan in mind.

Tell me they do.

weighing the pros and cons - I agree, Rick. With new format, we get flooded with questions directed to an author such as "what brand of screws did you use in your donutmaker?" etc Only the donut author knows

Whilst we are at it even the "Questions" that is there filter doesn't work. This question is not found.

The old version of the site worked fine (for me on my desk top anyway)

I am not adverse to change but to eradicate a very useful part of the site for others less skilled or knowledgeable seems a little narrow minded.

Is it intentional, accidental or a web developer that has no idea how the site works and a site manager who has no idea how to specify their needs for the web developer to follow.

Lets not mention testing.

Customisable?, - just a reasonable search filter would do.

at first I found the new format annoying. but ive found some questions to answer on specific -ibles. online forums have always been a bit of "needle in haystack" for me. and yes, it does seem to be a bit more so now. But it used to be a bit sparse in the question section.

I would suggest that the webmasters might make things customizable so that folk like rickharris can filter out queries from specific -ibles