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Dog Stairs Answered

I would like to make stairs for my dog to get onto my bed but the thing is I sleep on a loft. Is there any way to make colapsable dog staircase/ very slanted ladder?


there seem to be a lot of instructables on it, have you checked them?

I looked around and found nothing of the sort. Just like 2 foot high ones and my bed is about 5 feet off the ground.

perhaps you could modify one of the two-foot ones into a five-foot one?, I'd suggest putting railings along it, no matter what you make so that your dog can't fall. as other ideas, you could make temporary "stairs" such as sturdy boxes stacked at different levels to help him climb, or perhaps even, depending on your dogs size and weight, you could carry/lift him up? that might not be particularly practical as the dog may need to get up during the night and probably couldn't get himself down without falling or waking you up as he panics around the bed trying to get down!....

has your dog tried to get onto the bed before? perhaps all he wants its to be near you, in which case i could suggest placing a nice cozy box/ dog bet etc beside or underneath your loft so that he can be near you (or perhaps he feels he needs to guard you!)

i'm sorry if i wasn't much help
good luck

no worries, does your loft have rails too? otherwise he might fall of there too
good luck with your dog stairs

oh yes it does. If i didnt have them id be falling flat on my face every night

hahaha yes until i was about seven i slept on a bed on stilts that was probably about two meters of the ground..and i'm glad it had rails!


5 years ago

How large and heavy is your pet.

Be careful then. Most dogs I know like to jump off and may get hurt from that height.


hence the stairs. I would like them to be collapsible for storage purposes