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Donate free year to those who cant afford it... Answered

Private message me and I will send you a year. I dont have alot. First come. Im broke too. So I understand if you want to continue,or start on this site and have a lot to give. I wont ask questions. Not my buisness just like its not yours why Ive maxxed out my credit card! haha.




5 years ago

I give one out everytime I post a new instructable. Follow me and check out my latest one, "solitary bee habitat" for details. When I post a project I give a membership to the first one to post a picture of their project inspired by mine. It is still open as of this post. I do this because I have been lucky to receive enough memberships to give away and its fun.

Good morning,

Anyone still got some of those freebies? Would be much appreciated.

I am wondering how you get a Pro membership to give away...I haven't been on this site on a while....actually I had forgotten about it...but I am getting back into my crafting and would like to get back onto this site...I would like some input as to what the difference if between the Pro account and Non Pro account from you Pro account users....your help would be greatly appreciated...

People who submit an Instructable that gets featured get free Pro memberships: three months for getting featured within a category, a full year for getting featured on the homepage. If you make lots of Instructables, and have a knack for making them original and clear, with good pictures, you may find yourself with more Pro time than you can use.

Here's a list of Pro features. There aren't all that many and most of them are just nice to have. You can definitely use the site and be active here without Pro. But it's still nice to have.

Please check your Inbox, I'm sending you a PM. And welcome back!

Hi guys, gals and bots! I have a few 1 year and 3 month pro memberships to give away. Please contact me if you would like one. First come first serve!

I sent FlatLinerMedic a Pro membership but she never responded!

Yeah, i have almost 20 years to spend i think I'll be giving some away. :)

Oddly, it doesn't look like anybody has taken up the offer...

Seems to be - I have enough to last me well into retirement.

You've got me wondering - how much of a dent do the give-aways put in the membership revenue stream?

(And now I'm wondering, "can you dent a stream?" - I must be tired...)

you can tune a piano, but you can't tuna fish...

Apparently enough to jack up the price 2X! I can't figure out the model here. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm happy they're not being stingy with them. But honestly, a price doubling? Did the servers suddenly start sucking more power?

That is because forum is only for PRO accounts...

No, it's an open topic, offering a pro membership.

Actually, all members (Pro & Non-Pro) can post topics and comments in the forum. ;-)

Dear Monsterlego
Please, do you still have pro memberships to give away? I would really appreciate one of these.

Kind regards

I wish I saw this sooner would love a pro membership!

I was just thinking to post the same topic.
I have a few years too many for myself. Please PM me and I will give you a pro membership!


The other thing is the OP asked that members send a PM request, so it would be very difficult for us to know who or how many requested the Pro Accounts. ;-)

Being a weekend, they might not get back to you until tomorrow. So give them a chance to look into it and if there's a legitimate error, they'll correct it. ;-)

Make sure you send FlatLinerMEDIC a private message (as per the comments).

I removed the comment...I payed for a two year pro-membership and somehow I lost it. I still have 7 months left what gives with this site????..Anyway I sent an email to customer service. Hope I hear from them...

Wow generous people i would like a membership but i don't have anything to add i just want to download PDFs for some fun projects =/

I think I don't deserve. At least yet. No instructables posted on my side.

I could donate a year pro membership.....


Very generous of you.