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Don't Panic ! Nothing earth shattering here..... Answered

Yesterday was my 53rd trip around the sun as a functioning human entity.  I hope to make a few more trips before my expiration date however;  in the event that I misread that particular portion of my "owner's manual",  I would like to once again express my great appreciation to the Original Instructables Gang, and all those I have known over the last several years. I have grown VERY fond of many of you, I have learned a lot &  I hope I have taught something to someone (I like to give back for what I have gained).

I hope you ALL have a grand holiday season coming up, whether you celebrate Turkey Day,  X-mas,  the winter Solstice, Saturnalia, Hanukkah, Brumalia, Kwanza, Yule (added after being reminded by Lemonie), or  Dies Natalis Solis Invicti. 


Best wishes to you also! May your New Year bring joy! Sunshiine

Thanks, and to you also, although I was mainly focusing on my birthday :-)

That too! HAPPY B-Day! Hope you experience a great trip this year!

I got to be sick this year....whoopie !   Ah well, it was bound to happen eventually I guess, even though I so rarely become ill. *sigh*

Don't feel like the loan ranger! I had a serious fall last March and I am still very limited at what I can do. If it had not been for Instructables I am not sure how I could have stood it. I am a super active girl! I wish you good health very soon so you can enjoy everything you want to do.

I know what you mean.....when I first found this site, I was very depressed, and it really helped me re-focus

I am happy to hear Instructables helped you. I think it helps everyone here in one way or another. I can't afford to go out and spend a lot of money so this is my entertainment and online classes LOL to keep me active! I love it. Have a grand day! Sunshiine

Still I have to motivate myself day in and day out....clinical depression is one of my co-morbids.

Depression is really difficult to deal with. Many many years ago I had severe depression. It consumed me but I was too young to know what it was. Finally one day I made a choice to fight it as hard as I could. It was a hard battle to beat but I did it. I know it destroys the spirit , since then if I catch myself slipping even just a tiny bit , I think of something beautiful or watch a funny movie. It sounds crazy I know but it works for me. Many many people are depressed. I realize there are different kinds of depression so I just wanted you to know that I understand and wish you the best to enjoy life that is so beautiful and rewarding. I ask my son everytime he calls how is his day! His reply is always it is the best day I have had yet! Sunshiine

Thankfully mine is not severe enough to keep me from "living" (I go to work, I do what is necessary), but many times avoid things I want to do.

You omitted Yule. Have a good one anyway!


Hope Yule have a good one too :-)

Yeah I realized it yesterday but forgot again to add it...

Thank you (fyi: your link seems to be to the "EDIT" link of that ible, and so (hopefully) will not fully load (unless you are looking for someone else to edit it :-)

Thanks for the warn off, boy did I get that wrong.

Mainly wanted to follow in your greeting with this years best picture of
my first Daughter.   And try to point to the ible where it can be viewed.

May all who read this, have a holiday of renewed hope with for peace
and love this season.



Tis ok, I have actually done that a few times myself :-)


6 years ago

Happy Birthday! Just be sure to keep your engine in tip top shape. ;)

Thank you, but it's been real tough of late to find a lot of motivation....

When it comes to maintaining your body, it pays to be selfish. :)

It is hard when living with a co-dependent :-)

Wow, those orbits keep on coming, don't they?

(I hit #44 soon)

Well happy solar phase, or whatever you want to call it. :P

Psst, it makes me 53 years old, the 20th was my b-day :-)


6 years ago

Best of holiday wishes to you and the rest of the Goodhart gang. :)

And to you and yours also