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Don't Panic! (I'm back-ish) Answered

I'm going to be offline for a few days, going on holiday.

After lunchtime today (it's 10am now), I'll be completely non-contact until at least Wednesday, then a maybe a bit of time here until the Wednesday after that.

Don't expect reliable contact until the 21st.

Be good.

Somebody keep an eye on the squabblers for me.

Off-site spam
Off-site spam

And don't forget to vote for my entries in The Book.


OK, I'm sort of back online, way up in the NW UK. I've just started browsing what I've missed - Eric's history of SquidLabs looks very interesting, and I seem to have won (another) t-shirt in the robot contest (Kitewife has claimed this one, though).

Off to check The Book...


No, real football is aussie rules!!!

Umm, can you tell me who are the squabblers?

Oh well, I guess I will have to find the squabblers for my self... :( Or you can PM me?

Hey I'll be on vacation too (sort of, CIT at a special needs camp).

Dear oh dear, what will happen to Ibles with both myself and Kiteman gone!?!?!



I'm going to be gone too. But only till the 15th

Congratulations! Happy Birthday! Merry Christmas! Happy Haloween! Happy Easter!

Where are you going? *Panics.*


I have that saved on my computer from when you posted that a while ago. :P

I've seen that gif around a few times now... What's it from?


9 years ago

How come your 'Proper Football' is played in a swamp?

It's "uppies and downies" - a very local Easter tradition. There are no rules except "score to win". It's played by the two halves of the town (hence the name), and anybody in the area can play, so there are sometimes hundreds of people on the "pitch", but the uppies tend to win these days because large parts of the downies area got demolished. There's no pitch - it's just played across the town and common land, but the game starts on a small bridge across a beck which marks the boundary between "up" and "down". It usually takes several hours for the scrum to push the ball very far from the start (which is just a few yards from the point of the photo).

Cool, sounds a lot more fun that American football... Prolly a little harder to film though...

:-( I'm going to be gone too on the 21st to the 24th.

Apparently, I'm suddenly going to California tomorrow to visit my grandma (Dad's side).

My grandparents (Mom's side) just left for the airport and are going back to Minnesota today.

Wait a minute... California.... Instructables... Instructables HQ is in California!


Get the First Aid kits, hide the children! Where the hell is my juice?!!!

While you might consider that cursing, I do not. I am in every right to do so. I respect your rules, but you must respect my own.

You have obviously never been to an American football game to call it "namby-pamby". The body armor is there so they won't kill themselves-but many players get concussions, broken bones, etc, right through all the padding. Sometimes, when there's a tackle, you can actually hear the crunch if you're close enough. *shudders*

Gee, you all are going to leave me here to talk to myself? Then after the upcoming week, I will be going back to work....and won't be as often :-(

I agree with your take on Footy (even though I still prefer Aussie Rules). However I have still decided to panic, or at least totally fill this site with overwhelming anti-atheist propaganda.


9 years ago