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Dont have access to the administrator password. Any help how to sign in to the administrator account ? Answered

I am currently signed in with my Lenovo ideapad by using guest/user account. I can't access to the administrator account since i dont have the password. This laptop has been given to me just recently and the owner as well forgot about the admin password. She doesn't have a reset disk or a microsoft account. can anybody help me access and sign in to administrator account without spending much and how can I change the admin password? thank you it would be of big help.



1 year ago

Because of you being a new member and not bothering to fill out any information many of use tend to hesitate to answer questions that could be a little sketchy. What is questionable you might ask?

Well your question is the type that would be asked by someone who came into possession of a stolen notebook and is trying to take it over. Or someone who is trying to gain access to another persons computer, like a teenager trying to prank someone. or a husband (or wife) trying to find out what the other has been up to. Or a student trying to get around school districts security on a checked out notebook. The list is quite long of possible negative things that would prompt a question like this. Then it is also possible that your explanation is legit. How can we know?

I fix computers and on occasion clear passwords (I delete them and open the system completely) But in those cases I can see if there is something suspicious. In the case of a teenager I might even ask to talk to the parents. We don't have those options here. So at the very least you might think about filling out your profile a little more.

If you check Google you will find more than enough options to do so, especially if you bother to include the version of the operating system ;)
Apart from that it is always possible to just install a new Windows and start fresh.