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Don't you think this is strange? Answered

I typed my username in google images and found one of my photos from one of my questions on this website.      


There is other instructables here too. I never heard of this website before. I asked this question here before with a picture i took.

Don't you think this is strange? Google your instructables username. Look for the website the image is coming from. on mine it ALL comes from pubsub.com



http://pubsub.com/about describes what pubsub is: a combined search engine and feed reader.

I'm not surprised it might have indexed some of Instructables.

I have asked a question and found it in diffrent websites (not search websites). the same question word for word. I can under stand your picture turning up on google, because google is desinged to skan webpages for key words and photos. but not my question turning up on other websites like wiki how.


7 years ago

That is what Google is designed to do. It ferits out info and indexes it for searches. Their web crawlers visit every web site and catalog everything on it. The picture you see is actually coming from the Instructables site. They only make reference links to the pictures, so they don't have to store them, they just just remember where to find them. They also avoid problems with copyright that way. They just tell your browser where to find the pictures rather than copying the pictures.

I don't find it strange. That image is tagged with your username.
(The pensive parakeet image seems well-used though)