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Double White Dented Hybrids Answered

Seeing two white Prius both with carpool stickers isn't that noteable. Seeing two white Prius both with carpool stickers, and with matching dents in their rear passenger side doors is notable. (The dent on the car in the back is difficult to see in the cell-phone camera image, so you'll have to trust me.)


Well, the dents are yellow. Thus, Prius contain an undercoat of cheese!

Also, proof that Transformers are real! One of them is a Transformer that scanned the other Prius! :O

Also also, Transformers RoTF was terrible.

Is it really that bad? I have not seen it, but been told by some people that it was good. Granted, they thought Twilight was great, so I question their judgment on movies.

Twilight was a decent movie. Too many elements for fangirlism in it though IMHO.

Transformers 2 was AWESOME. Better than the first. In every way. The only thing that was kind of "meh" were a few cheesy jokes thrown in every now and then but that shouldn't be a problem if you're used to the puns on this forum...

Somewhere, someone is living a life very similar to yours. You're not unique! It's a conspiracy! Cloning is real! Gha!

Someone is cloning Toyota hybrids?


What is the plural of Prius, I didn't do Latin and can't figure it out...


Prii. Just like radius -> radii.

Yes I thought of that, but couldn't convince myself it was grammatically correct... L

I hadn't seen Eric's post before I wrote this. Toyota does get to make the official declaration :-)

Thanks! (although opinion appears to be divided in that forum thread). L

I had this exact same thing happen the other day at taco bell! Only it was two little red cars with front bumper repairs. Weird. o_O