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Double a power source's output ports? Will this divide the amperage? Answered

If I hooked a 4v 4amp battery up to 2 devices which each require 4v and 4amps, will the amperage supplied to each device be equal divided? Or will it just not work?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Yes, they are wired in parallel, so it's as if they each have their ownconnection to the power source.
Now. There is a difference between how much amperage a battery can source, and how much amperage the devices draw. In this scenario, the voltage will remain the same, but yes, to answeryour question, the amperage will be divided between the two devices -- not the amperage they draw, but the amperage the battery can provide. Ifyour battery sources a max of 4 amps, then the devices will only beallowed 2 amps each. If your devices don't need half as much amperage asyour battery can source, then you'll be fine.

4V is a bit unusual, but if it'll only supply 4A and each device needs 4A, they won't work.


As drawn, the voltage will be 4V to each, and therefore the amperagewill be divided.  Energy conservation.

It will be divided equally if they both draw the same amount of power.

Your power source can only put out so much power.