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Double ended threaded rod? Answered

i am looking for some 8mm threaded rod , but it needs to have a left handed thread on one side and a right handed thread at the other
does this exist, if so, where can i buy it?



Where are you in the world ? I can recommend UK sources.

just stumbled upon this and wondered if you could recommend a supplier.

thanks Ovi.

thanks Steve, yeah up in Durham UK. just sussed out that some old scissor jacks have the left and right handed threads that I want so will keep an eye out on Ebay. just wanting to make my own "balkenzug mit Ratsche" (German) if you want to google it

I wish people would quit being so protective of their geographical location. IT MATTERS AND WE CAN'T ANSWER PROPERLY UNLESS WE HAVE SOME IDEA.

If they're ordering online, it shouldn't matter (to first order). And not everyone is "protective," just not thinking about it :-)

People like Mcmaster-Carr won't SUPPLY out of the USA anymore, so this is immediately a second order problem.


7 years ago

Thanks for all the answers guys!
but i found an easier solution , i have swapped out the left handed rod ends for right handed ones, that way i can use the m8 threaded rod i allready have
wish i'd thought of that before i asked the question, but still, hopefully if someone else wants the answer they will find it here!


7 years ago

I know that when they have a machine thread on one side and a wood thread on the other they are called hanger bolts, but I can't find any machine/machine thread. What I can find are reverse-thread dies...

What are you trying to do with it? Maybe turnbuckles would do.

If your in US look at any of the big box stores like Home Depot or Lowes. You could probably find it at any hardware store that maybe close. Look around in the stores you should find it.

Not necessarily. He's looking for the kind of rod you find in a scissors jack. When I was trying to price out a project, I went through that exercise unsuccessfully; they had lots of threaded rod, in different diameters and thread pitches, but none of the double-ended type.