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Download Little Brother for Free! Answered

If you've enjoyed the w1n5t0n Instructables that are based on a character from Cory Doctorow's book Little Brother, then we recommend picking up a copy now that it's available. If you're on the fence about buying it, then you can also download it for FREE! It's not a pirated copy, Cory is generously offering the download up to all as he has done with his previous books.

Want to get it? Here'sthe link.


Aw man, something else I have to do now :-)

My first thought when I saw this was: Is he related to E. L. Doctorow? :-) It appears that he is not, however.

A little trigger-happy with the forum topics today, fungus? ;-)

Trigger-happy? xD maybe it's a new mouse.

Ah, clicker happy.

I stand corrected. =]

Excellent idea (and there's a shout-out for this site in the book's preamble).

Just finished reading that yesterday. Good book, if a little unbelievable. The price is certainly right though.

I found it a bit expensive. I suppose it IS a good read, but you have to admit, free is a bit too much for an ebook... I would gladly pay that for a paper book, but for an ebook its a bit of a stretch....


10 years ago

I don't get it. What's this book about?

The book's about some hacker kids who overthrow the DHS.

Hackers or script kiddies? What's the DHS? lol