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Download maps for google earth Answered

Does anybody know how I could save the entire map of the us for google maps so I could look at it offline? I use it a lot in the car and I can only look at places I've seen when I was online.


Sorry, this is typed from a phillips 66 in Iowa! =)


Yep, we really need the whole thing cached, with periodic updates. It'd be worth a terabyte drive to have it usable if the kill switch is flipped.


10 years ago

Oh, I can actually help on this one! You need to be online during the process below, but then you should be able to use it offline. Ok, so open up google earth. Now go to Tools > Options and select Cache. Make the cache size around 2 gigs (2000 mbs) Now just look at the areas you want to access offline and it should cache them. You'd be surprised at how quickly it fills up, so you may want to try saving the cache file and swapping it out. I don't know exactly how to do this, but I've heard that it works.

Yeah, that works, but I want it all without having to look

I'd really like to know as well.

BTW, thats a thermal image of my robot shirt