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Download music from Spotify? Answered

Do any of you guys use that spotify music streaming service to stream and listen to music?

If yes, got also any idea if it's possible to download music from Spotify in any way? I mean it's pretty cool that you can stream music online anytime, but it would be great if I could also download Spotify music for later listening on my cell phone or mp3 player or anything like this.

Will appreciate any  thoughts on this, thanks.



1 year ago

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I also have the need to download playlist from spotify.

After long google search and test so many so called Spotify
downloader, I find Allavsoft works great in directly and batch download
Spotify playlist music to any audio format like MP3, WAV, M4A, AAC, OGG, FLAC etc

It has both Windows and Mac version.

I find this great app from http://www.allavsoft.com/how-to/spotify-to-mp3.html

Hope it also helps for you.

hi, i come across a 100% free online service - Video Grabber that comes with the advanced audio recorder. You can enable it to record any online streaming videos/audios effortlessly including Spodify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, as well as other popular music sharing website. Hope this can help you!


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You can use http://spotifytube.com to download Spotify music in mp3

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 11.13.31 AM.png

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2 years ago

I think its great especially if your fond of older music/artists and i thinks that it should not have anything to do with my recordingSpotify tracks from the sound card.

Great App! It downloads complete playlists from spottify from other sources, and it can record the music too. It`s a shame that I entered all my credit card data thinking I was supposed to do so. Now I don't know how to make them erase my info...

http://spotify-mp3.co.uk/ does this, its the fastest one ive found


Answer 5 years ago

Hey i found a great site that does this!



Answer 5 years ago

Oh, new feature only available to premium users. :(


Answer 5 years ago

Sounds great! When is it coming out?


Answer 5 years ago

I must say, I just downloaded this program, and I believe it's one of the best I've ever used. All the songs are correct and GREAT quality. Thank you so much!

Download seems to refer to a different page. Is it possible to share the download link?

Got an error from that server. I'm in Los Angeles.

"Our service is currently unavailable in your country. Sorry about that."

I think the best way for you to get this done, as the guys already mentioned, is to use some sound recording app to capture and record Spotify music streaming.

Suppose there are a couple of sound recorder programs that could also handle Spotify music streaming and can probably record music streaming from Spotify for you, haven't really tried any Spotify Recorder or whatever those are called for recording Spotify music but I am not that interested in Spotify anyhow.

Think though you can also try this Audials app, I use it for other kinds of stuff, but I saw that it also works as as Spotify recorder and can be used to capture and record web streaming music from Spotify subscription and convert Spotify to mp3 tracks or to whatever format you might need.

Dunno, should be worth a shot.

Oh one other thing, if you do go on to save Spotify music to your hard disk then u should be careful to keep if just for personal use and not share it anywhere, just to be on the safe side.

Cool, good tip on the Spotify Recorder program; will try out and see how it works for me to record Spotify music to mp3 tracks .

Guess using some sound recorder app is a good solution after all to saving music from Spotify.

Thanks for the tip dude.

many soft products claim to download spotify music "legally", some people are afraid of getting into legal trouble, they say they just get music from spotify for personal use, i guess it is not legal and can be fined for theft. The best being the easiest way is to purchase music, not spend too much.

Recording music from the sound card with the help of some program should work for you to save streaming music from Spotify.

Think you can look up on the internets this particular solution on how to save Spotify streaming, this might also be of further help as well.

Youtube is also quite helpful since  it's full of video tutorials on how to do all sorts of things; did  a search on record Spotify music and that's what I came up with.

There seem to be a couple of tutorials on how to record and save Spotify streaming music, you might stumble upon something interesting among them.

Thanks for the idea to look on youtube for some videos on how to record music from Spotify, should be helpful as well.

Must admit it never crossed my mind to look for solutions on how to save Spotify music round there. Will check out those videos you gave me.

Yeah, bad news that the open accounts have listening restrictions on them, but hey if you you like it that much and listen to a lot of streaming music online suppose it might be worth getting a spotify subscription.

As for the question on how to download music from Spotify I don't know what to say, was never interested in finding out how it could be done although I think theoretically that solution to record Spotify streaming music might just work.

I mean if you install some app to record straight from the sound card you should be able to record Spotify streaming music while it plays without the protection messing with the recordings, or at least I think.

Hmm yeah, the guys mentioned you can't just download streaming music from Spotify but suppose the solution to record Spotify music streaming should do the trick for this.

Don't know what to say about the protection, my guess is as good as any that it should not have anything to do with my recording Spotify tracks from the sound card but since I never tried this option you never know, everything is possible.

It's pretty good, though I just used the free version of Spotify only. If you don't mind hearing ads, it's ok.

The bad news is that they decided to put even more restrictions on the open Spotify accounts; think for the first 6 months you get 20 hours streaming each month and unlimited plays/ track and after 6 months you only get 10 hours free music streaming a month with 5 plays/ track or something like this, hope I am not mistaking.

Dunno, suppose there might be some ways for downloading and saving mp3 streaming music songs from Spotify but I have not looked into this.

Who knows, if they put even more restrictions on Spotify it might be an option worth contemplating.

Suppose you might be right, though I do hope also they are not going to put any more restrictions on Spotify streaming.

Jeeze, seems there is a lot of hype round Spotify since the word got out that they are planning to launch some spotify facebook music streaming service or integrate spotify into some new facebook music streaming subscription or whatever that will be( don't remember exactly what it's gonna be called anyhow).

Since you say you wanna find out how to download or save music from Spotify, I suppose you already have access to Spotify and use its music streaming service.

So, is it any good?

Since they will launch Spotify in the US in the near future, just wanna know if it'll be worth the trouble to get an account or not .

Not such a big an of music streaming only and no mp3 downloads, but hey it it's that good I am willing to give it a go.

Personally I think its great especially if your fond of older music/artists.

If subscribing to the Free option you can only play each track 5 times.Playlists are supported - There are 2 further pay to listen methods not too expensive for such a huge legal music catalogue.

A Spotify Premium subscription allows you to sync music and playlists for offline listening. You can also listen to music using your mobile if you have a supported handset.

Spotify have also recently added the ability to sync music and playlists to your iPod.

I Assume your in a country that Spotify is available in.

1. Audacity would in theory be able to capture anything going through the sound channel of your PC. In real time of course.

2. For much of the new music Spotify protect the data stream so Audacity Can't record it - Don't ask how I know.

3. This isn't true for all tracks - See 2.

4. Doing this is a) against your Spotify licence b) illegal c) piracy.

Generally, streaming services Really Do Not Want you downloading from them, unless they provide an explicit mechanism for doing so. The artists and publishers feel, not unreasonably, that if you like the music enough to want your own copy you ought to pay for it.

If you want to break that rule, there are workarounds, of varying degrees of difficulty. Websearch will find them.