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Downloading .pdf plans.? Answered

I just registered with instructables and set up an account, and I have received my e-mail conformation.     But when I click on a .pdf plan or drawing that I want to look at closer; I get a pop-up window that wants my username and password.    When I login the window goes away, but no .pdf.      This window also seems to want to sell me an upgrade to Pro.    Does this mean that I am only allowed to look; but I can't download unless I upgrade to Pro?  



6 years ago

Downloading eBooks and PDF's are for PRO Members only. That's why you are prompted to upgrade. (See chart below).

You can either click on the "Go Pro" link at the bottom of the website, or publish a feature worthy instructable and earn yourself FREE Pro (which is what I did).

Let me know if you have any further questions. ;)