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Dr. Who question Answered

Ok, I have had a LOT of difficulties getting to see each episode, but I did finally have the opportunity over the weekend to see the one season end "The End of Time"  episodes.

I followed most of it, but towards the end, before he regenerated, he went about "doing things",  speaking to one person, giving a name to Jack,  etc.   Some of them I understood (like the gift to Donna), but many of the others I am baffled by (like the name given to Jack,  and the words spoken to Rose Tyler)....have no reference point for me, can anyone help me out...I probably will never get to see the episodes involving the references and if I do, I will probably have forgotten this conversation by then.

A man walks into an electronics store and asks to see their Fax machines.  The salesperson shows him a telephone/copier/fax combo, but he replies:  "I want the Fax Ma'am,   Just the fax.....



7 years ago

If your able to get Netflix...you can watch a ton of episodes

I would assume that is "for a price" Sad since I alreayd pay the cable company but never get to actually watch it there much.

For only $7.99 a month, you can instantly watch TV episodes & movies streaming over the Internet to your TV via an Xbox 360, PS3, Wii or any other device that streams from Netflix. Watch as often as you want, anytime you want. Plus, for only $2 more a month, you can also get 1 DVD out at-a-time, which you can exchange as often as you want. There are no due dates or late fees, and you can cancel anytime.

and my final problem....if I don't have time to see them as they air, it will be hard for me to find the time at all. Thanks for trying to help, but I really do have very little spare time anymore. :-)

you can watch them whenever you want. its like pausing and playing a DVD

Well, a few days after it airs, I can watch it on the On Demand section, when I do have time, and that is already paid for....I just wish I could see it and respond to it when it airs.

Ohh, i see what you mean.

Now with the comment "I just wish I could see it and respond to it" I am talking about the Current TV channel's show called Bar Karma; written and constructed by those of us viewers that joined up to "make it so".

It's been fun this season, I hope they can renew for next year too.  

Just to completely kibosh your catch-up, there's a new series starting soon.


My whole "catchup" would be here and there, as I have only seen episodes here and there.....although I DID see both of the final episodes pictured above (end of time).


8 years ago

 So, I watched the end of the "End of Time" (Unintentionally redundant), and then watched the second airing, and I was hooked instantly. I'm going to assume that there are better, but the end of time was fantastic! I'm looking forwards to the new season, although I liked the actor in the season before the one airing next Sat. Although his female companion is a pretty one... It really is a TV show that can live forever. He can go anywhere, anytime, and do pretty much anything. I liked the bar scene at the end, it definitely reminded me of star wars...

Quick question. He said that regenerating is like dying, but does he just change appearance, or change appearance and lose all his memories? 

IIRC he loses memories but get them back slowly....meaning he is very disoriented for a few episodes....

Very very true. I was noticing that during this season!

Tom Baker, a top-quality actor, as Dr Who? was.


 I can't help but be reminded of Pete Townsend with him... Also, if the Doctor has 13 regenerations, he kind of wasted one, one actor did one episode...

I heard a rumour (can't remember where) that they were going to gloss over the regeneration limit, come the day.  It was introduced when programme makers didn't think so far ahead, and anyway, the Master has regenerated several times since reaching his limit, including being killed to death by the Daleks.

Yeah, that would make sense, but the Master was evil! And broke rules and whatnot... Also, I hear that england is restricting all your air travel? Was that correct? 

It's the latest Icelandic eruption - an ash cloud has made air-flight hazardous over a huge lump of Europe.  Even air ambulances are down.

Here's the latest.

 Yeah, I heard about the eruption, how long do you think the restrictions will be in place? Also, are there death-clouds right above you?

Somehow it brought to mind 28 days later... Oh man, if there was a zombie outbreak in england, the chunnel would be a disaster...

Nobody is clear how long it will last - hours to a day or two - since it depends on the eruptions continuing or not.  It's been going a while, but was spewing "harmless" lava until it shifted focus, and started exploding ash.

The clouds are high, 10-20,000 feet.  Only a problem for jet-engined aircraft (helicopters have turbines, which is why the air ambulance is grounded) - the only effect for ground-huggers are impressive sunsets, and I think the ash will only come to ground in rain - utterly harmless.

(The chunnel's not  hazard for zombies - there are electrified grids in the tunnels to stop wildlife wandering through, all they need to do is crank up the current to fry zombies.)

 So, the dust isn't poisonious, and will probably fertalize farmer's crops... does it cause zombification?! 

And I recall seeing something about planes and volcanoes once apon a time on NatGeo or the History channel, but all I can remember is that it jams the turbines, and you have to dive to restart the engines. And St. Elmo's fire... My brain has been frazzled.

That's about it - there was a Jumbo in the 80s, lost all four engines at once to ash, and only restarted because the sudden drop (tens of thousands of feet) shook the melted ash out of the engines.

If you're close up, though, and breath in the ash, it turns into concrete in the moisture of your lungs...

 Yeah! That was the tv show!

Ah, I remember the 4th doctor well....tis the one I was introduced to Dr. Who by.

 haha, thanks! Right after posting the comment, I read the Wikipedia article (and a dozen or so more...) on the Doctor and associated beings. What a great TV show. 

Also, in case this hasn't been answered, the Alsonso thing was because they were both destined to be crew members on the Titanic together (Wiki.)

 Also, it seems like the new doctor and doctor #10 have the same "gung ho" personality, you?

I haven't a clue....I rarely see many eposodes really.....it is not in a "convenient" time slot for me.

Will the doctor ever regenerate in female-form...?


There were rumours before Eddleston took the job of #9.

There is potential for a female timelord, though, as The Doctor has had a daughter, who has shown a similar resurrection ability to Captain Jack.

Oh my, do not get me started on the Doctor's daughter, that whole episode was a mess. 

As were "Silence in the Library" and "Forest of the Dead" - I could go on and on about those. :P

 Throwing some random woman into the equation that supposedly had an intimate relationship with the Doctor and then never bringing her up again drove me insane. 

It was very soap opera-y, full of cheese, and annoying to boot. I just couldn't get over it. 

Which reminds me, the woman whom he met in the giant library recognized him.  So, if he regenerated before he met her, then how would she recognize him in the first place?

Maybe she remembered his "personality" rather then his face?  *shrug*

 Hmm, no, doesn't really work that way normally. Most times he has to hint at it or directly tell them/show them.

It was just a stupid gimmicky bit, and I'm happy it was one of the only ones in the series. :)

one thing is sure, when you are dealing with "time travel" you can do most anything and make it make sense, eventually.

For instance.....in the latest Star Trek movie, the young Kirk, does something he had NEVER done before.....drive a car. Why does that "make sense"? The time line was changed....and he had to get it back on track, but he wouldn't remember later, doing something in the new time line he had done in the old. Stop the merry-go-round, I want to get off LOL

 I guess I should state here that I really hate soap opera romance. Which is probably why I reacted so violently to that stuff.

Keep it in trashy romance novels, people! I'm not watching Doctor Who for the time travel romance! :P

I guess I missed either seeing the whole episode, or missed that portion of it while I was getting a snack  :-) 

 Heck, even when he meets himself he has to tell himself over and over that he is himself.

(and I liked the romance in that episode!)


(Doctor Who spoiler) Have you seen the 5th series yet? Totally answers your question (I really hope that the little letters work here)

River Song has pictures of all of the Doctors (I'm think she meant that he gave them to her) 


Haha, I liked the mystery! I was sad they never brought her back though. :(

Yes, you have a point - melodrama to the max - but then, cheesy is what Dr. Who always seemed to do best to me. :D:D

Welcome Lithium, I wondered when you would show up

lemonie got here days before you


Woah!  "Out of left field" or what?

Adrian Gibbs played Rysik in the Full Circle story.  Tom Baker was the Doctor.