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Drafting table help... Answered

My first Instructable was how to build a drafting table for $50, take a look to get a feel for the design. It does it's job just fine but I'd like to improve upon it. First of all, I don't really have a system to raise/lower the table- I've just been propping it up with boxes and stuff. I'd like to have something attached to the table so that it can easily be adjusted and I'll have a few less pieces to lug around. Second, I need to put a rail on the edge of the drawing surface to keep work and tools from sliding off. I found a small drafting table that I ended up giving to a friend with a rail like the one in the picture below. It's sort of like a metal ruler with L shaped holes in it for screws- so you can lower the rail if you don't want it in your way. Where can I get something like this- or would I be able to make one?


This is why these bloody things need Dates... Didn't mean to zombie-post this one. I just made a tilted table from 5/8 of a door in my dorm, so I found this when I was looking for ideas on I-bles... I'm actually looking for a end/bottom stop, b/c stuff keeps sliding over the edge... but it needs to not cut into my arm when I'm leaning on it while just browsing the web/typing on my computer as it's my only table in a small-ish dorm room right now (I integrated the provided table to support the drafting table on top of it.)

Pics: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=38722604&l=2a27ce3b15&id=12813917

. You didn't do the OP much good, but maybe your comment will help someone else down the line.

Just FYI, these bloody things do have dates, just maybe not where you'd expect them (up at the top). Look in the INFO box in the right column. Right below the username it says "Published: Jul 12, 2009".

instead of the L, you could just put slots in it and have thumb-screws.... it's easier and more adjustable, even removable, albiet pokey.

As for raising/lowering, look at the saw-tooth mechanism in the backs of most lounge/pool-chairs you can easily cut something similar from wood and have it brace against the back of the table, use a hinge to attach it to the surface. Angle the "teeth" right and add a small indent/ where they contact with the bottom desk and they will "lock" with the weight of the desk itself.

raising table.jpg

Wow, blast from the past with this one. :p

Actually, since being at school I've had access to a metal shop and a wood shop, so I can make whatever I need to support the table. Thanks for the suggestion!

Sadly, the table broke during the last move, so I need to fix it.