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Drawing With A Touch-Screen? Answered

My brother loves drawing and he has a friend who has something called a bamboo pad.  It doesn't have a screen which is why I found it questionable.  So we thought we might look for a touch screen he could use.  We had very little luck finding one that seemed like it fit the purpose.  Even those bamboo peoples' didn't look like they would do anything other than lines.  So we have a question.  Is it actually fairly easy to use a bamboo pad, and if not, what touch-screen could he use.



6 years ago

The Bamboo is a drawing tablet made by Wacom. I have one and they work very good. No it is not a screen, it is a tablet with a wireless, battery less stylus that you use instead of a mouse. It is made to work with the major art programs. I use it with Corel. You can change anything in it. It can be customized to do lines of any thickness, Calligraphy lines that vary depending on how the stylus is slanted and how much pressure is applied. There are also paint brush and air brush tools and an almost endless variety of things that you can do with it. I use mine for retouching pictures. Look on Wacom's web site for more detailed instructions and demo's


Ok, does it take time to get used to were the stylus corresponds to the screen.

There are 2 different ways a Wacom tablet can be set up. One is a mouse type mode. In this mode the pen will act just like a mouse does in that when you pick the mouse up and move it the cursor stays in the same place.
The second way, and it is usually what it is set for, is a type of tablet mode. In this mode the pen action is geographic. A spot on the tablet will always be the same spot on the screen. Some people have a hard time getting used to this and actually try to push the cursor into an area of the screen. But you don't have to do that, it jumps to the corresponding spot on the screen the moment it comes into contact with the tablet. This is the most natural drawing mode. You can also trace pictures this way. Just tape a picture down to the tablet surface and trace it and it will trace out on the screen. The two stay in perfect sync because the pen never changes its placing on the tablet. Most people get the hang of this pretty quickly. Some people like the pens so much that they stop using a mouse and use the pen instead.

What happens when you miss the spot you want to draw, or do you have to press harder to start drawing

It works just like a regular pen. What do you do when you miss a spot with a pen?

Ok, so you have to just guess at were your cursor is going to be when you press down. So kind of like closing your eyes and drawing or something. Sounds like a bad idea to me

No, you have a way wrong impression. Its a much more precise tool than that. You watch the screen, not the pen. The cursor follows the pen. It only marks when it makes contact with the tablet. Go to the web site and watch the demo videos.
Not only does the tablet know where the pen is and how close it is, it also knows which angle its pointed and how much angle and also how much pressure is being exerted on the tip. And when you flip it over and use the erasure it knows that too, and how hard your pressing the erasure. Its very precise.

oooohhhhhhhh.... Now I get it, thanks for your input. Now I have to talk my brother into not spending 2000 dollars for one with a screen.

A touch pad, which sounds like what you have is a really great way to draw, much, much better than a touch screen. You have to use the stylus supplied, but that is pressure sensitive, and allows you to draw anything accurately.