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Dremel? Is it any good? Answered


I saw this in "Lowes" yesterday and I'm planning on buying it. I'm just not sure if it is worth it or not. I'm actually hoping that this will speed up the process of cutting shapes into steel tubing.The steel tubing I'm cutting is about 2mm thick. Does anyone here have Dremel? If so, please, what are your comments on it? Is it a good tool to cut steel? How long does it take to cut through steel tubing?


I have the Dremel MultiPro Model 285. I think it is a DIY-er must-have.

Has anyone ever use a Dremel for criminal purposes? Burglarisation, murder, dismemberment of a corpse, sabotage...? L

At home depot once, I saw what resembled an electric bread cutting knife...but it was a saw. Cordless, single hand held. I thought to myself.."If I ever became a serial killer, this is what i'd use"

A cordless SawzAll is a dangerous thing- it does exactly what the name implies. ;) I love my SawzAll.

Yes it does. Last fall I helped butcher a pig (several actually) not far from where I live, and guess what they used to cut the pigs up when it came time to do so.... A SawzAll.... It was really neat actually. Anyone want to see pictures? :-D

Awesome picture! Don't want to be rude or anything, but what about a video? Hehe, I like how the tongue is sticking out of the first one.

:-) I didn't even take pictures of the butchering process for a reason. That reason being that I might be tempted to show them to people. Or post them on forums.... :-P

Oh. My. Gosh. It snows where you are at?!? (Awesome pic, by the way.)

Yeah, we get snow. Actually the place we butchered the pigs is just over the border in Virginia, I'm in NC, but we still get a good bit of snow.

I have a Milwaukee Sawzall- it's the favorite tool of the home remodeler! I use it all the time- that sucker will cut through just about anything. Just used mine last weekend to trim all my trees- unfortunately mine's not cordless though....

It was a pain in the butt to cut hardened steel.... I really did try though -- using the fiber reinforced cut off wheels :p I wouldn't try cutting hardened anything with it -- it just spins too fast...

Just got my dremel, its a multipro 285. Got it for £20 in a clearence sale. Its AMAZING. I think I'll go into town tomorrow and get some more bits for it as it only came with 8.

I have to second Honus's opinion here. Definately go for the Foredom. Dremel, in my opinion sucks for the following reasons and then some: No speed control, unless you buy the accesory foot pedal. It only accepts a certain size shank for its bits. Do yourself a favor and invest in a Foredom. The motor is a workhorse, the foot pedals, once you get used to them are awesome, and, thanks to the adjustable 3-jaw chuck, you can use/make anything to act as a bit/bur/attachment. Just say no to Dremel!


11 years ago

Another option is to use a Foredom flex shaft. It works just like a Dremel tool but it's much more powerful and durable- and expensive! The nice thing is that you can get interchangeable hand pieces so you can connect a quick change handpiece or use a #30 handpiece that has a standard Jacobs drill chuck. My #30 handpiece is stilll going strong after nine years of constant use ( I use these eight hours a day) but I manage to destroy a quick change handpiece every year and a half or so.

If y'all weren't long time members I'd almost think this is astroturfing. Asking "Dremel? Is it any good?" is like asking "Tequila? Will it make me drunk?" ;-)

Well, to add one more good comment to the Dremel topic:

The Dremel is a must-have if you like DIY projects and whatnot. I use mine all the time. It is one of the sweetest tools out there.


I have the Dremel XPR corded -- just like the one in a previous contest... It's great :) The biggest advantage is that you can find replacement parts everywhere -- including motor brushes ;) Plus the warranty is awesome (I think 5 or 7 years) -- a friend of mine used it once (he abused his quite a bit -- a few rather nasty drops) and they sent him out a brand new one within a week. So the service is great :) A friend of mine has the $20 rotary tool from HF.... He's gone through 3 I think (or he's on his third -- I think that's the case). It works decently well - but it doesn't have the same torque when you want/need to cut at "low" speeds ;)

IMO, Dremel is the best. There are many lower cost brands and many of them are pretty good. The old adage, "You get what you pay for." strongly applies here.

i dont have a dremel NOW but had one until i saw a rotary tool for 19.95 in the us (i saw the au) and i bought it too see if it was good and it was EXACTLY THE SAME except for cheaper looking parts and a different chuck and accesories but the dremel i had had no accesories with it and i returned it and i just bought a dremel chuck also from lowes for 9.95 in the us and the other one had a lot of accesories with it so 29.95 or 89.95(depends) and with that new chuck it can used the same accesories and instead of a one through four power setting it just turns so i get to an exact speed and its about the same power as well