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Dremel Rotary Tool? Answered

Where can I buy attachments for a Dremel 200 Rotary Tool. I know it is an older model and I've already tried search engines. Anyone know anywhere online or in a store where I can buy drill,saw,and grinding attachments (specifically larger ones)? All help is appreciated.



Thank you. I must be blind, I can't believe I missed the attachments and accessories in black bold text lol. You've solved my problem.

Most of the new bits and such should happily fit the old tools, especially if you still have both collets so you can handle the two common shaft sizes. You may or may not have more trouble using some of the attachments which bolt onto the tool -- the router frame, for example -- since those may be specific to the shape fo the body. Also, some of the bits -- especially large-diameter grinding/cutting wheels -- may be much easier to control with a variable-speed tool (but external speed controls may be available).

To orksecurity: Thanks for the information, and yes, I have a variable speed and both shafts.
To LoneWolf: Thank you. Both answers have been helpful, I can't decide between best answer lol.

The Dremel company itself sells bit packs for older models... give me a sec and I'll post the link.