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Dremel Wound Question? Answered

Quick Question:

I was using a Dremel Rotary tool yesterday with one of the rough sanding bits. While I was using it, the tool slipped off the edge of the wood I was sanding and landed on my middle finger, stupidly, I wasn't wearing gloves like usual cause' I was in a hurry and had left my gloves on the upper level of the house. Anyway, I got it off my finger and turned off the Dremel immediatly and it slowed down fairly quick. Now, I got a small wound on my finger, not bad, but I wanted to ask if I should be worried about it being infected since the dremel bit probably had wood dust all over it.


Keep it clean, if it starts to look worse go get an opinion from a medical-professional.


Good. There was a bloke in the pub we thought might have septicema in his arm, but he finally conceded that he probably did fall over while drunk after all...


 as L said keep it clean but you should keep it rinsed and apply neosporin then a band aid and DONE leave it alone .......................figures this just has to happen when i am gone lol 

 i swear do i always have to be here to make sure there arent any accidents

Haha, yeah, your very presence alone is enough to safegaurd us (rolls eyes)

 shut up jk but it is slightly true

"Wood" is not generally considered to be an organism capable of infecting live humans.

Still, you've probably got a patch of raw skin - an open wound is always vulnerable to infection.

As long as you washed it carefully, rinsing with plenty of water to remove any possible lodged dust particles, and covered it with a suitable dressing, you'll be fine.

If the wound isn't too large, you can remove the dressing after a day or so and then rely on the scab to protect it.

Alright. Thanks for the Response.