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Drill holes in computer speakers? Answered

Best tool to drill 3/8 and 1/2 inch holes in computer speakers.


Get a step or cone drill- they'll drill really nice holes in plastic.
Failing that, you ideally need to modify a bit for plastic drilling, they need to scrape rather than cut, and you should clamp a block of wood inside the work.

Step drill is my favourite tool in thin materials.

Man that made the task easy!! Went out to Harbor Freight and picked up a 3 piece set on SALE for only $8.99!

Thanks Steve for your great answer and fast reply!


6 years ago

A drill and a standard 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch drill bit. Brad point bits are better in wood, if you have them, but the regular bits will do.

Man it's dufficult to get a question actually publish.
Tried to make it as simple and few words as possible just to get it seen. Now the question in detail.

How to drill a ½ inch hole in plastic, like a computer speaker?

I’ve tried standard twist bits and even started small and graduated up in size, but when these standard bits reach the actual size they grab and really make a mess of the hole.

Need a really clean hole. I’m mounting Push Switches and Volume controls.

I’ve read that using a Spade bit would help. Not sure if they make a Hole Saw bit that small.

But since there are lots of individuals that do projects here at Instructbles, I’m sure someone has a better idea and experience with this type of project.