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Drill jig Answered

I'm doing a project where in I am casting hard plastic (not sure what kind) and then need to drill into it at fairly precise angles. The pieces are more or less flat, about 3/8" thick, and I need to drill 1/4" holes in them lengthwise to insert some 1/4" acrylic shafts. I would ideally do this with a drill press but the pieces are kind of long, I do not think they would fit under the press. I have made a test hole by clamping a piece to a table and using a power drill held parallel to the table, but I wasn't able to be quite as accurate as I'd like. Anyone have any good ideas on this? I'm thinking a kind of horizontal jig, but I don't see very well how to make it.


drill guide

This attaches to any drill. You might want to get a longer bit to use because the jig takes up some depth before the drill hits the workpiece. Clamp the workpiece vertically and drill down for better control. Good luck.

Interesting, it's a kind of portable detachable adjustable drill press. That could work. I'll have to go look at one to see if my plastic piece will fit through the hole. Thanks caitlinsdad!

You don't put the piece through the hole. You just put this attachment where your drill bit goes. Put your drill bit in the "chuck extender". Place the whole thing over your workpiece where you want to drill. The chuck slides on the rails and drills through the opening in the baseplate, kind of like putting a coffee cup over your work and drilling through it. You need something stable around your work to support the baseplate. You only need to put your work through the jig if you are drilling round pipe, it has V notches to hold it in centered position. You can find this at Home Depot/Lowes or good hardware store.

Oh, and the thing has adjustable tile so you can drill at any angle.