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Drive systems using cogs for a combat robot? Answered

I am making a combat robot and would like to purchase a drive system which can power two 6cm diameter wheels with a resonable amount of toque. I have a 9.6v motor of which i would like to power it with.




Where are you in the world ? 


...then I suggest you look at www.rapidonline.com they do a nice range of little mechanical bits that may help.

For weightier parts, I'd have to look at gears and bits from HPC


...so you see, indicating where you are makes a difference to the advice you can get.

In America, I'd've suggest McMaster-Carr, but unless they've changed their policies, they don't export !


You are correct, sir. I forgot about that. How weird is it that in the 21st century, there are still companies that refuse to export? I mean, I get that there are taxes and tariffs involved, but come on....

Of course, because who knows what horrible things a terrorist could do with a chain sprocket and a couple of pillow blocks....

What weight class are you building for?

Sorry, I got nothing. Too light for me. You might check McMaster-Carr for pillow blocks and gears and the like, but their stuff might be too heavy for you.