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Driving Simulator - Google maps Answered

A perspective version of 2D Driving Simulator on Google Maps work-in-progress, using new Map3D class of Google Maps API for Flash.

(choice of car or bus)


just when you thought it couldn't get any weirder

ha this is sweet im gonna try it also there is a flight sim in google earth

Haha, neat! Though, I think driving a real car is easier than this simulator. It started me out angle parked in the middle of the freeway. :O Found my way home, then took a drive in the woods behind my house.

Picture 45.pngPicture 46.png

Though, I think driving a real car is easier than this simulator.

Driving a tractor with levers instead of a steering wheel is easier then driving this thing.....it was very odd to get used to. :-)

It's very hard to go straight. Any other direction is easy.

Oh, I didn't know that's were you started. When I type in my address, I can find my new school, but not my old school that requires like, three turns...I ended up in a cluster of homes that I never saw before.

I ended up in a cluster of homes that I never saw before.
it turned out, I didn't go far enough.

Flying-car... You'd thing it'd give you coordinates? Maybe in the finished version... L

You could get close to that but increase the head up control (upper right corner of the screen).....I just wish street signs were visible.....I couldn't tell where I was....

I know my local area, but I'd probably be stuck elsewhere... L

Yeah, my first "drive" was through NYC (I am NOT familiar with anything but a few maps of the area) starting at 34th street....I couldn't tell which direction I was heading, and when I leveled off and looked for street signs, I couldn't find them or maybe I just couldn't read them. After running over a few buses and cars, decided it wasn't worth the effort to try to avoid them :-)

Speaking of a few a buses and cars, somewhere close to where you start, there is a bis that is half or 1/3 missing, I'll try and find it.

When you make the view Head Down, so you are level with the road, it creates WHITE OUT spots, especially in the city *sigh*

It does that to me no matter where the camera is for me. Can't wait for the final version.

I like this, with the camera controls maxxed I'm flying in my very own hover car!

I don't like it. I barely press up, and all of a sudden I'm going 100km/h. I think it's because of my computer though.(Is it?)