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Driving a Nook Simple Touch screen Answered


I recently disassembled a Nook. I was going to fabricate a new case, root it and write a custom program, and present it as a prototype. However, the touch part of the touch screen no longer works. I have a few questions; answering any one of them will make me happy.

1) How can I hijack the touch interface?
If I override the (broken) infrared touch input with a pen input, then that would be acceptable. However, I'm not sure whether the screen itself is broken, or if I broke something on the board from static discharge.

2) How can I troubleshoot and fix the touch interface?
Speaks for itself. How can I get this working again?

3) Where can I find information on how to use this screen separately?
My last option is to separate the screen and the touch completely, and build another tablet from scratch.

Much appreciated!



Here's a radical thought - gave you tried contacting the manufacturer?

They might be open to the idea of broadening their market to the Maker community.