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Driving a bank of DC motors using 4x4 Driver Shield for Arduino Answered

Hey guys, 
I am trying to run 8 DC motors through this driver shield. I don't know how to wire it up neither do i know the code for it. I was wondering if anyone could help me. 


After hours of frustrating tinkering (I didn't know anything about shift registers some weeks ago) I did finally manage to get this working, and I guess you can too!
So, are you uncertain about the code or the wiring?

Here is another try at it, however i can't seem to figure out how to use ShiftPWM by Elco Jacobs http://www.elcojacobs.com/shiftpwm/


Also i can't figure out the wiring for it too

Your product link has all the links to the documentation. You need to understand about shift registers to address all of your motors and understand what type of motor you are trying to control. Good luck.