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Droid Phone by Verizon! Answered

Hey guys! i recently got a new phone called the Droid by Verizon! Its an amazing phone, and I just recently got it, so I was hoping that if any of you guys happened to have one of their own, they could tell me some cool things to do on it. You don't have to own the phone, you just need to know some of the features and what you can do on it that may be interesting.


I don't know if you have heard of this yet, but on android phones, there is something called "rooting" your phone. What this does is gives you root access to the file system, allowing you to do extra with your phone. One major benefit to rooting your phone is overclocking. The Motorola Droid has a 600MHz processor, but is underclocked at 550MHz. With certain kernels, you can overclock the phone up to 1.3GHz.

My dad has one it has some really cool features like the flashlight, internet acess, and compliments are made on it daily. The first day we had it our waitress at applebee's tried to steal it from us.

Most of the really cool apps are free which is nice its more of a toy than a phone my mom said

Actually, that is debatable
the droid is actually a great allround phone/device. it appeals to children because of the games on it, and it appeals to adults because of the fast internet browsing, the great service, and the navigation system. and it appeals to teens because of the texting capabilities, features for internet browsing, and the keyboard makes it all the more convinient for all people

Dont forget that its cheaper than the iphone the service is cheaper by 70$s a month. It only cost us 10$s more a month for it but to make up for it we lowered our call time because we only text last month with 5 lines on our plane we used 90 out of 700 minutes.

we pay about 180 a month for our plan which includes unlimited texts, unlimited internet access, and i think 400 minutes of call per person or something. expensive, but worth it because of the data plans on our phones. we pay 80 on the data plans for all of our phones

we have 2 droids and 2 envee touch's. also, i made a mistake, we actually spend 200 on our cell phone plan