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Drone not turning on? Answered

I have an Ardupilot 2.6 from 3DRobotics on their quad frame. I am using their power distribution board now instead of using one that I made myself. Before I changed the power board, my drone was working perfectly. Now when I try to arm it (enable the motors) it does not work. The light on the APM 2.6 blinks red when disarmed and is solid red when armed. It only blinks when I try to arm it. I am using a Turnigy 9x transmitter with a turnigy RX. I have tried replacing the RX and it does the same thing. I have a separate battery pack for the receiver because it seemed like it was not getting enough power with the 3DRobotics power board. Could it be a problem with the transmitter?


Not if it worked Ok before - It is most likely the new power board - Revert to the original setup and see if it works Ok.

If it does fault find you new board or wiring.

If not then possibly the Ardupiloet is damaged.

Is there anything I can do before trying the old setup? I originally made the Make Magazine drone and the power distribution thing looks like this:

where the ESCs and battery wires are all soldered onto the rings. When I moved everything over to the 3DRobotics frame, I soldered deans connectors onto the ESCs so I could use the PDB that came with the frame kit.

Links for designs:

Old Frame: http://makezine.com/projects/make-37/the-handycopt...

New Frame+PDB: https://store.3drobotics.com/products/quad-frame-k...

You have to eliminate something.

1. Check and double check your wiring

2. Check with a meter the correct voltages appear where you expect them.

3. If there is a part that can be powered directly do that to check the part is OK.

4. Check the rx and TX are still bound together - to do this see tyou manual and you only need a servo to test the receiver output.

Do this and you will have eliminated a big part of your problem and can focus on what you think may be wrong.

Wow, I feel dumb. I had the input and output switched, where the motors were plugged into input instead of the RX. I switched everything and it works now. Thanks for your help :)

I tested the RX and TX with some servos and they responded to movement of the transmitter sticks so that is not the problem. I checked the positive and negative input pins on the APM and they all have 5.02v on them. I checked the output pins (where the RX plugs into) and I do not get any readings from the + and - pins. Could this be the problem? I included a link to a picture of the AMP 2.6 so you know what it looks like.