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Dry Ice Answered

I need some dry ice. Does anyone know where to get it?


In Phoenix, AZ the people that supply ice cream trucks have it for 30 cents per pound. Excel Ice Cream & Candy Co 1620 W Grant St Phoenix, AZ 85007-3316 (602) 258-9793 excelicecream.com‎

Almost any grocery store, but you have to be 18+

not calling you a kid, btw

You can look for places in your area that sell it here.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, Mollie Stones sells it -- they usually have an old-style "ice cream freezer" (with the opening on top) next to the regular ice bags. Besides the directory link above, you might call around to some of your "high end" supermarkets.

welding gas supply stores often sell it as well...