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Dry ice in microwave? Answered

What happens when you put dry ice in a micro wave? Im just wondering cause a local grocery store is now selling dry ice for Halloween effects (yes i know they cant sell to minors).

Are the result any thing like this? (i dont think that microwave was turned on)


A microwave frequency is very close to that of water, so water vibrates best and thus heats food containing water. Dry Ice is CO2 and I don't know that you would get much of any reaction by itself in a microwave....I could be wrong. I am not sure what they are doing in the video...

> I am not sure what they are doing in the video... . I think they just shoved a dry ice bomb in a old microwave. I didn't hear the unit power up.

A "dry ice bomb".....ok, I am unfamiliar with what that is....

. Take a soda bottle, add a few chunks of DI, add a little water, screw the cap on, run like hell.

Or do like this kid

invalid movie: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=2573032

Pick the wrong helmet, and end up doing your own lobotomy...

I'd be more concerned about the concussion, it knocked that kid flat.

Concussion, or pieces of the brain being removed, either way, it could be "damaging" to go for the extreme understatement. ;-)

. Well, a quick Google for CO2 +microwave turns up a bunch of stuff on microwave stimulated lasers. So CO2 is "sensitive" to microwaves, but microwaves cover a lot of frequencies and maybe a microwave oven isn't tuned to the right freq. Tried CO2 +microwave -laser and, to tell the truth, have no idea what most of the hits were about.
. I'm guessing that Goodhart and W'burg are on the right track, but don't know.

Well, nothing will happen to the Dry Ice. But, as I conjectured, if the microwaves do not "effect" anything, the microwave itself may damage, or short out the magnetron. It might be like running it empty.

. Amazing what the proper search string can accomplish, ain't it? Good job.

Is it possible that there would be a super heating reaction? Being a microwave can super heat something, something super cold would probably not like that and go BOOM.

A microwave doesn't produce "heat" per se`, not like a stove. I is merely a form of radiation that makes some molecules vibrate pretty fast, which then causes heat. CO2 is questionable...

Well yes, I know that generated heat is just violently vibrating molecules. But with dry ice, we assume that the molecules are vibrating a lot slower than an object that is room temperature. A microwave tends to (at least a half decent one) be able to start these "molecules" vibrating a lot faster than if you were to throw the ice in a pan. This sudden change could in "theory" cause a reaction.

A microwave tends to (at least a half decent one) be able to start these "molecules" vibrating a lot faster than if you were to throw the ice in a pan. This sudden change could in "theory" cause a reaction.

Yes, if they are water molecules.

It just makes the water molecules move extremely fast..right? So then since dry ice has no water, the microwave would have no effect, right?

As far as I know, it wouldn't have much of an effect if any. In fact, the microwave might not even "see" the CO2 and might act as though it were empty...and blow the tube....

I don't think anything significant will happen, unless you seal the CoO2 in a bottle like in the video.

It might look cool, though, to put some in a bowl of water in the oven and leave the door slightly ajar with the light on.

Spooky mist from strange Hallowe'en cooking...

I couldn't do this in my oven as it would be rather dangerous. We have an old (ancient, can't get parts for it anymore) gas stove with pilot flames going all the time. The CO2 might put out the pilots in the oven and would gas us out. I have even tried this on top of the stove, and it put out the stove top pilots *sigh* We had to compromise with an "electric hot plate" (not plugged in of course)

What they did was make a dry ice "bomb". Simply combine water and dry ice in a confined space (water bottle) and the gases will build up and force the bottle to explode. They just put that in a microwave.

Oh, ok, thanks. That was what it looked like, but I wasn't sure; sorry for wasting space here with a dumb question....

. Geez! But you don't feel bad about wasting the space to apologize for something that requires no apology? LOL
. It seems to be an unwritten law, here at Ibles, that there are no dumb questions except for those unasked. ;) Heck, I've asked dumber questions than that, eg, this.

if I boil water in a lepricon's hat will I get gold? Just a question

not if the leprechaun is still in the hat....

Hmm, remind me not to eat Irish stew again....since I "thought" they used lamb or mutton in that ;-)

Sorry, I got myself a little depressed a bit ago...and am trying to work through it...I thought the question was dumb only because, as I typed it in, it was already being answered....sigh

you made me remember one of my favorite sayings : if i take a bath in dry ice do i have to dry myself?

IT IS MEARLY A DRY ICE BOMB STUCK IN A MICRO WAVE There is no sound coming from the microwave, no power cable going to the microwave as for in a real life situtation if there was a bit of water mixed with the dry ice it would sublimate much faster because of the higher temperature. But all of this would do is push open the microwave door, nothing explosive. My microwave you just pull the handle and it opens, no problem

PS: Dry Ice is VERY cold, and can "burn" the skin very quickly....proceed with caution.

if your hands are damp, it won't be very fast as you will "stick fast" :-)