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Dsi screen trouble......... plese help? Answered

Everytime i turn on my Dsi it has a bunch of blurry lines across both screens and it will acaiosnally fade a little and the screen will shake, mostly when i'm playing games, can someone please suggest how to fix it or maybe whats wrong? :(


Next time i plugged it up to the charger and charged it was fine, and has been fine ever since. :)

I don't have much experience with the DSi, but I've been repairing DS Lites for a while now. Based on what you're saying, I think there could be damage to either of the ribbon cables that connect the LCDs to the motherboard. This wouldn't be easy to repair, you'd need to buy replacement LCDs and if you're inexperienced at opening up a DS, chances are you'll do more damage. Even then, it could be a problem with the motherboard, which would also be costly to replace. I think your best option is to take it in to a repair place, tell them what's going on, and see if they can fix it. Most likely, it isn't going to be a "quick fix." : (