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Dual booting fedora and ubuntu? Answered

I want to dual boot the FEL fedora distro and ubuntu 10.10 on my laptop which seems very capable of supporting both separately, but not yet together. I want to know if its possible to have them dual boot or if I need a different version of one or both for it to be compatible.


Yes possible.

I did it with Sabayon, XP, Fedora all three.

You can install any version , any OS as dual, triple or any boot.

Remember that Install Linux after windows as windows' boot loader don't recognize Linux.........or you have to recover boot-loader if win is installed after Linux.

Get any fedora and Ubuntu version.

install one of it .

then go for setting other.

remember swap space can be shared so only one will be required.

install both OS on different partitions.


Another approach is to install one, install one of the "virtual machine" packages into it, and run the other inside the VM. Which has the advantage of letting you use both simultaneously, and the disadvantage that whichever one runs in the VM is going to be somewhat slower that it would be otherwise.

(Currently I dual-boot RHEL and WinXP, but I'm planning on moving WinXP into a VM.)

This thread explains it, along with copious troubleshooting: