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Dual monitor vs one widescreen for simultaneous TV and computer work? Answered

I am getting new computer with intergrated videio card and have been told it wil handle dual monitors.  Can I use part of a wide screen for TV while using the rest for computer work or do I need dual monitors for that.  Forgetting the TV issue doues using a wide screen for multiple programs work the same as dual monitors but just does not have a bezel down the cent.  I am not a gamer nor to I expect to watch DVD movies on this.



8 years ago

TV Split with CPU:
Following lemonie's post, if the TV's manual doesn't mention split TV+CPU input, you'll need another graphics adapter to watch TV.  There are TV-in graphics cards that allow you to attach the TV signal cable to your CPU.  Mine allows the TV to either be a window or the desktop.  @ch'd images 1 & 2show both examples.  I've never found this useful.  Guess if I wanted to capture a tv show I could.

Dual montiors:

Following lemonie's and Re-design's posts, I can output my CPU to my TV (a old CRT screen).  My ATI card offers the option of making the second screen a clone or extending the desktop (image 3).  The CRT tv resolution sucks.  @ch'd images 4 & 5 attempt to express this.  Hopefully image 5 shows text at less than 48 point size is not fun to read, below 20 is not really feasible.  I do use a second screen for presentations from time to time.  You can make power point work on a CRT if ness.  'Course presentations are now mostly done on flat screens or projectors, which don't have resolution problems.

tv window.JPGtv desktop.JPGgraphics card options.jpgCPU Clone.JPGTV Clone.JPG

Seconding the "CRT resolution sucks" part. I recently got a new CPU (kept the existing monitor), and was using  PCmover to transfer data and apps from the old one, which required both machines to be on and usable at the same time. I hooked an old CRT up to the old CPU, and even with the screen resolution cranked all the way down and all of the visual Accessibility options activated, I still couldn't read the onscreen prompts without using Magnifier.

Anyone have any experience with big flat-screen TVs hooked up to CPUs?

Not me, but my wife's iPod's video looks OK on the big LCD in the living room. I'm guessing that a CPU would look at least as good as an iPod.

If the tv has a direct computer imput it can be used as a monitor.  I use a wide screen for my main screen and a regular screen for my second screen.  I keep email running on the second screen and music or a movie while I use autocad on the first screen. 

For me it works better to run a main app on the main screen and secondary apps on the secondary screen rather than split up one screen.

I have a 32" wide screen monitor at home and running multi. apps on it doesn't work as well for me.

Any way you could borrow a screen and see which you like better?

Unless the TV manual tells you it will split-screen, you can use it as a TV or a monitor, not both at the same time. Just think of the TV as a monitor like any other.


Any comments on dual 19 inch vs  one 24 or 25 inch widescreen

Your big ones will be great for movies & games, but only you really know what's best for your purposes.