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Duck pond filtration system Answered

I have duck pond (used livestock tank 12' diameter 3' deep.

I need to construct a pond filter system.I have an extra 55gal barrel for this purpose.  also have a variety of water pumps (pool and sump)

Any ideas/suggestions for a reasonably robust system for this?


For something like this you should look into what pool builders install on swimming pool systems.

It's basically a flat bottomed swimming pool and just filtering the water is not going to keep it clean.  You are going to have to use a roaming vacuum system in addition to the filter.  Most of the solids are groing straight to the bottom and won't go the the filter unless you vacuum it off the bottom.

Most duck ponds I've seen have mostly been left for nature to take care of.

Of course the hard thing then is keeping them from becoming mosquito farms. Fish and frogs may help keep that under control, or you may need to chlorinate periodically.

I think of "reed-bed" - that is you pump into an area of marshland which you seed with reeds, run back into the pond. The nutrients should feed the reeds and bacteria which can live in the biomass. If you just want to "strain the crap" you may find your filters getting clogged.