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Duct tape and foam mace color advice Answered

   So I made a spiky foam mace, and covered it with duct tape to hold it together but it just looks... bland.  So I was wondering what colors I should make it, preferably colored with tape. I must sound really weird, but if anyone can help with CONSTRUCTIVE comments it would be appreciated.

   P.S. The first picture doesn't show it well, but it is 6 sided



Best Answer 7 years ago

You could blacken the spikes, and the edges of the big lump, with insulation tape.

I was thinking along those lines. I also got 12 different colored duct tape rolls (including black!) for christmas, so i had some for any ideas. oh and also I didn't think I'd ged an answer from kiteman, especially not in the first four views!

You're welcome.

Thanks for the "best".