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Duct tape or fire? Answered

Recently at school there was an assignment in which we had to do a survey of 20 people.  The teacher came up with 10 Questions and we had to come up with 5.  Seeing that many people liked fire or duct tape, i asked which is better, fire or duct tape?  The typical answer was "that's an impossible question" or "flaming duct tape".  So which is better fire or duct tape?

***UPDATE MAY 5, 2011***  ok so the score so far is duct tape 9, fire 4, and flaming duct tape 1.  and ratings 2 c'mon people lets get some ratings.


that depends on your situation. if you need to have a way to scare off vicious wolves, fire. If you are fighting zombies, duct tape.

FUN FACT: Duct tape is actually one of the most unsafe things for holding air ducts together.

duck tape duuh, duck tape fixes everythin 0-o

duct tape just cause its duct tape and the only thing better than duct tape is Chuck Norris with duct tape so duct tape.

very true. Chuck Norris is better than both. no contest.

chuck norris ducttape.gif

Both have their uses, but duct tape is more versatile. I've used it for everything from fixing a laundry basket to making a splint for a broken finger. Plus, duct tape now comes in an amazing rainbow of colors and patterns, including flames.


6 years ago

Duct tape. Fire is easy.

If you have to ask... The answer is so Duct Tape...

duct tape, i can start fires with my mind /\_/\

an explosionist taking duct tape over fire? sad.

I have to agree what most said down below, I prefer duck tape.

Btw, that is a really weird question, lol

oh my gosh plasmamana has some of the BEST INSTRUCTABLES EVER POSTED!!!

I'm relatively sure that it takes multiple forms of combustion to make duct tape. I can substitute several things for duct tape, but it is hard to find a substitute for fire. I think fire wins.


8 years ago

Duct tape, so long as it's not on fire. ;->

By the way, very interesting question.

Nice profile image koosie

Boom Boom! Fwoosh Fwoosh! FIRE!

Odd question. Duct tape, for sure.

Normally, FIRE! But if it was a survival situation then Duct tape, because you can make fire quite easily. GMD

With fire you can stay warm and cook a meal. With duct tape you can make a bridge, boat, cannon, rope. You can also fix a totaled car, patch a hole in a boat, make a trap capable of holding a car. Duct tape wins for capability.

Was this a "what do you value most; creation or destruction?" question?
Yes, no right answer.


Duct Tape.
It can't make you start Glowing pretty colors.

Duct tape ftw.

take a length of duck tape stikky side down and put strips of maksing tape or athletic tape then soak in lighter fluid and its flaming duct tape   awsome huh

Duct tape.

I could probably make fire from scratch in a survival situation.  I couldn't make a roll of duct tape.