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Dumb keyword question -- what does "rhs" stand for? Answered

I was looking at Noah's new Office Weapons Guide, and noticed that it included the keyword "rhs". I'm only familiar with this meaning "right hand side" (a.k.a. "rvalue" in C). But it seems like there are a large number of guides (all of them? No, all but about 20) with this keyword included. What does it mean?


Damn, beaten to the punchline by an American!

>cue stentorous breathing< Your time zone cannot help you now!

Follow Adrian's link, and notice which country it's in.

I'm thinking: Really Hearty Steak Rancid Ham Sandwich Rarely Have Scabies Red Herring Society

Gotta watch those rancid ham sandwiches. I was hit by one in a Dungeons and Dragons secession once. Plus 5 on the hit points and little gnome was outta the game.

There should be some sort of shield or spell to protect from Rancid Ham Sandwich attacks!

You would have thought there was but my fate was locked up in the throw of a 12-sided die. I’ve had a bit of at phobia about dodecahedrons ever since. (And ham sandwiches, rancid or fresh.) I guess Plato foresaw this and recommended meat in moderation. Platonic solids and ham do not mix.

Oh, the treacherous 12 sided die! Been twenty years since I played D&D;, but I remember the tension, when a well-loved characters fate was at stake.

Could this refer to the Red Hammer Studios (or Robert Hammer Series) of weaponry ?

I thought I had found it too :-(

. rhs?
. I got 0.25 USD says it's somebody's initials. Someone close to Robot?

Ah, yes, I do believe we have a winner, though I don't have any data for the middle initial.

. If you're that curious, PM him and ask.

I think this is just a guide tag that way when you are exploring guides the system just searches for rhs. (click it, it only brings up guides) now that I let the cat out of the bag, ppl will start tagging that and ruin the search categories, I blame kelseymh

rhs = renegade hamster squadron, I suspect

D'oh, it means reviewed, homer simpson.
Can't you see the powdered sugar and jelly donut fingerprints all over them?

more probably the staffer with the penguin...