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Dumpster Pools Invade Brooklyn Answered

Over in Brooklyn, some overheated and dedicated folks have turned some dumpsters into pools for their very own urban pool party. Not too shabby for a budget of a few thousand bucks. I wonder if they can connect them together to get a proper bit of space to swim in.

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8 years ago

This gives dumpster diving a whole new meaning!

Jump on in, the water's fine, except your skin's a little itchy afterwards...

That's what the chlorine is for don't you know?   :-)

That's the line that the people swimming in the polluted murky New York harbor waters use. Kinda like when showbiz folks say "break a leg" but they mean it.

"...I wonder if they can connect them together to get a proper bit of space to swim in."

Line them up end-to-end, then "porpoise" between them.

Anybody else remember The Man From Atlantis?

Ah but a misjudgment means a much flatter face after it heals  LOL 

Hmm, could be a sporting event, water hurdles?

I believe I do, though can't be sure because I never knew the name, merman, bin, cheesy science?

It was the one from the shower in Dallas, but as a water-living alien who takes on human form.

Damn silly, but fun when youre ten.


8 years ago

 I am sure storage boxes (from trains) and pods would be cleaner... I have seen some in the south welded together and turned into hunting camp logging in the woods

That sounds interesting...

They are calling these dumpsters, and mention construction industry-so I guess that is indeed what they are, rather HUGE dumpsters-but this puts me in mind of another source perhaps. I am frequently within view of a major sea shipping port, and see the big cranes moving around the shipping containers "Sea-Land" etc and I know that some folks are already buying them up (they are always for sale in the paper) and using them for small houses, even putting many together to build very utlra modern looking houses-so... Why not open a side (top) of one, and you would have a pool just like these (with a liner, of course). These shipping containers are mostly the size of a Semi Trailer (look at the next Tractor trailer you see on the highway-you are probably seeing a big metal box on a flat bed trailer-these are the shipping containers that come in on the ships at the port).Blue is a big colour it seems. I can envision one open as a pool, a smaller one (they come in at least 2 if not more sizes) as a large Hot Pool. and each of several being individual buildings each with a purpose (the kitchen building, the bedroom building etc) connected in a way similar to the old western homes-where there was no passage from room to room, but all opened onto a shared Veranda. Sound like fun? As to lining them up for more room-a little time with a cutting torch and welder should make anything as large as your imagination, huh?

Awesome way to recycle what's already there...more cities should adopt this style, right?

Good thing Im not this desperate. *goes outside and does 10 laps in a garbage can*