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Duncan's Easy, Random Pistol Answered

Meh, I was on a building spree and kept morphing a gun until I eventually came to this. After I was all done, I finally realized that I pretty much wasted my time because I accomplished nothing. Meh, it's a cool and different gun nonetheless, but it's nothing to get hyped over either. I was bored so I made a video for it anyways seeing how I haven't done that in a while. Enjoy.



6 years ago

2 personal questions...... PREPARE!!

1: what's with your voice on the begin of the vid?
2: Do you have a gf?

1. Just for fun, I like making voices and accents. Just one of those silly things I do. If you knew me in real life, you'd notice I have a wide vocal range and tend to use it.

2. Sadly, no. I've had two friends admit they had a crush on me at some point, and another one strongly suggested it. Meh, I don't worry about it. My options aren't too grand in this town.

Just the same with me. I like pretending I'm from Britain ;)
Btw, Male or female friends? :0

Alright, I remade the DERP and I'm calling it the DERPZ just 'cause the z sort of looks like a 2. This time I'll get pictures. I haven't fired this gun enough to figure out how reliable it is (mag exploded a few times when I didn't use a strong enough band with low ammo) so build at your own risk. Otherwise, the base of the gun is pretty nice if you want to use another sort of magazine.

...yeah, I'll just get the pictures later. And then I'll probably be building an oodassault 3 after because I want something perfectly reliable, decently strong, and pretty accurate to show my friends. The DERPZ wasn't satisfying enough. I'll get to the shotgun concept after that.

Alright, pictures posted. Have fun with it.

Thank you for uploading a pic. I will add these to the oodassault 4 I have laying around.

Alright, good luck with it. Hope it goes well. I don't think it's really instruction worthy, but if you like it and want to, go for it, I'm destroying it right now to make an oodassault 3 before my roomie and friend get back. I just don't know what kind of magazine I want on it.

I have it finished now. If you want to see it, it will be on here and KI.

Do you still have it? Could you please post pics if you do?

Since destroyed. Sorry. Wish I would've got pictures, the insides were somewhat complicated. Well, funny thing is, I usually build something better on my second go when I don't look at exactly how I built it.

Well now you've ended up making my pistol obsolete. Whatevers.

Wasn't it already obsolete? I built this for kicks and giggles. Clips are still superior to magazines in almost every way.

I mentioned a while ago that I would be unlisting all K'nex videos. You technically have the link if you can see the embedded video.

I know but there's nothing wrong with making them public.


I swear, the name alone would've been enough to attract their attention for a worthy post.

Dats rad. Removable mag= win.


7 years ago

i tink it luks like a usp.