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Duplicate laptop? Answered

I just had an idea- I have 2 pretty much identical macbooks (in terms of hardware): 
Can I copy the complete contents of one of the Macbook's hard drives to the other Macbook's hard drive (by using a hard drive dock and another computer) and end up with 2 identical (for all intents and purposes) macbooks?
Would this be illegal in any way?




Best Answer 5 years ago

Functionally, it wouldn't be a difficult process using readily available cloning software. Legally, the answer is murky, to say the least. When you or whoever checked the AGREE box on the EULA (End User Licensing Agreement) for the software on the original Macbook you own, agreed to terms that restrict the software usage to the terms of that EULA.
There are many who will argue that exclusivity provisions do not apply to a person who legally purchased software and intends to copy said software for a personal backup. What you are seeking to do doesn't seem to qualify as a personal backup, since you will be enabling two independent computers to use a single OS license. Unless the EULA specifically licenses usage on two or more units, you will be in violation.
If you really want two identical units, use one of the many Linux distros. You can do pretty much anything you choose without encumbrance because they are free and open source.


5 years ago

If they are both liscensed to us the software it shouldn't matter how it gets on them. With a windows PC the activation key for the OS is on a sticker. You can delete the software and reinstall it from any source as long as you use that key.
There is a new trend developing with new systems in which they format the drive as soon as they get the machine and install a new windows copy. The reason for this is that it is the best and fastest way to get ride of all the junk crapware that comes with a new computer. So say you get a new HP, it has lots and lots of stuff with it, some from HP and some even third party that HP is paid to put on it. It can take hours to get it all off whearas to format and install fresh can take half the time. And as long as you use the key its OK.
So I don't know if MAC has the same type of key but if they do then you just need to change the key in second notebook. Also you might need to change the name because if you put them both on the same network at the same time you will get a conflict.


Answer 5 years ago

Buy the way when a computer builder puts together a batch of machines that are all the same they use one master drive and clone it to all. SO lets say you have a contract to provide 30 computers for a School lab and they are all the same. It would take forever to install the OS on each one, one at a time. So you install and configure one of them and then clone it to each machine. Then you change the license number to match the sticker and change the network IDs to whatever the lab wants, such as lab one, lab two and so on. It doesn't matter where the media comes from to load the windows system. What you really pay for when you buy it is that Sticker, that is your permission to use it.