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Dutchj's Top Loading Rifle Answered

Well, here's my Top Loading Rifle. I built this for the sake of building something after being inactive for such a long time. The original idea was to make a very solid gun that could be top-loaded with rods, so the pusher would never have to leave the gun, which would make for quicker reloading. That didn't work because rods always pull on and push each other, but I managed to complete it with different ammo. Some may find it to look a bit boxy, and that's because I didn't add anything to the gun that wasn't needed. No long barrel, no wedge-shaped stock, none of those things. The stock is strong enough as it is, and a longer barrel would only decrease the range ( dramatically ). Here's some basic stats:

Type: Repeater
Ammo: Grey connector - green rod - orange connector - green rod
Capacity: 9 without the pusher leaving the gun at all. otherwise 10, or more with mods.
Range: Depends. I haven't tested, but I think it gets pretty average ranges for a repeater.
Power: It drew blood at point blank.
Reload time: Shorter then other repeaters with fixed magazines because the pusher never leaves the gun.

INSTRUCTIONS: http://knexinnovation.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=49&t=846


how does it work

drew blood? wow :D

post here and i will build

I will not post it here, so good luck with abstinence.

well, too bad i hate KI so im not bulding

I couldn't care less. I don't suppose you have any valid arguments for hating K'nexinnovation?

Maybe he doesnt, but I do.

You are exactly the kind of person that people on KI despise. I wasn't going to say it, but I'm glad you won't be building this. At you won't be able to hurt yourself or other with it in your retardation.

Good for you, was that it?

you drew blood with a grey connector, wow.

i made this today it has alot of power good trigger nice work