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Dutchj's experimental K'nex side-arm Answered

Having finished my rifle and finding myself with nothing to do ( Don't worry, it will still be posted this week ), I thought I'd finally have a go at side-arms. So I built the TDS2, and hated it ( I'm going to get bashed for that, I know it ). I decided to have a look at some others like Oompa-Loompa's unofficial side-arm, and the one Bakenbitz posted a picture of on KI some time ago. Afterwards, I came up with this. This side-arm is powerful because the magazine is at the front and the trigger is at the very back. It's also kept reasonably small because the magazine is inside the handle.It fires grey connectors. It's a bit clumsy, but it is only a first version. I can probably make it a bit smaller and more user friendly if I remake it. Tell me what you think, and as always, constructive criticism is more then welcome


Back end of it is just like IaCs AST pistol!

Omg, my secret has been unveiled! It was the best way to stabilise the pin.

oompa-loompa's trigger system is better........

Thanks for stating the obvious, I know it is. This gun was something I did when I was bored. Side-arms are not my cup 'o tea

they aren't for me either......

Good job, I might post my gun that you were talking about. The only thing I don't like is that it looks a bit messy. Mine has the same shape except the trigger thing goes under the barrel.

I never really liked the TDS's either.....

Thanks because that's completely relevant to the topic. Let me guess. It's because it started this big wave of side arms which just like the big waves of knex guns themselves did to the haters it made you sick of them and thus you just had to hate it.

If it's written in the forum, it's relavent..... And I suppose that's it, there's a lot of 'super small true trigger mag guns', and I never cared for any of them. And I never said I hated it, just not whacko crazy over it.

Don't you be starting a flame war in my topic now, I've seen it happen way to many times.

Haha someone finally put the idea to good use! I was just waiting for this idea to come out. I wanted to make one myself but I personally find most guns like this ugly. I take no offense to the hating of the TDS2 but like all other hating comments I'd like to get a why response if you don't mind me asking.

What was wrong with mine? The mag is further up the barrel on this one is about it.

Exactly. Yours had the trigger behind the magazine idea but his puts the mag in the handle to make it more size/piece efficient (although less comfortable) and gets more power because the pin has more time to accelerate and by the looks this the pin hits the bullet near the end of its acceleration period before being stopped giving maximum power. Otherwise I do like the looks of yours better but this is only a prototype.

Mine could have easily been modified to function exactly like this, I just necer took the time to do so.

I haven't built yours, and it probably could. I do have one question though: How much power can yours take? Becausee with the many different connections mine can't take that much power untill it bends too much and doesn't work.

The trigger on mine is very sturdy. I'd be more inclined to think that the ram would break before the trigger fails.

Yeah, I built a second version with your trigger on it and it's pretty awesome. I doubt if I can make another trigger that performs as well.

I've actually had the idea for this for a while, but it only came to be 2 days ago.They're ugly, but functional. I really need to improve the trigger though, as it can't support much power and I don't really know how to fix it yet. I didn't like the TDS2 because I didn't find it comfortable at all, and it was very weak. I think there was something else, but as it was a short lived experience, I forgot ( lol ). I wasn't going to say why I hated it in the topic because it was kind of irrelevant.

I know I also had the idea probably not for a long time but it only really gave me ideas like a month ago on how it would be built. And yeah functionally they are as good as pistols get but just like with women...people judge by looks right away. My MP5k jumped to the top while it sucked while some other perfect working gun is somewhere on the 10th page most likely. Strange considering the TDSs where made to be comfortable. Most people don't bother with the side panels or they don't try out the palm support. It depends on how big your hands are I guess they have to be just the right size . And as for side arms their purpose aren't to be strong but to merely serve as a back-up weapon for when your main weapon is being loaded or out of ammo. What I would call a gun that is meant to be powerful and compact would be like a PDW.

Looks like one I made a while ago for TheDunkis, but the trigger you have on this, I don't like much, its abit bulky, BUT I like the gun alot.

Good concept! :)

Perfected design of behind mag trigger, good job.