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Dw433 burnt out motor worth fixing ? Answered

I have a. Dw433 lx 110 v that has burnt out, three questions 
is it worth fixing
if so what is the part number 
could I convert tom240 v


If you just want to prove you can do it yes it is rebuildable.

Cheaper and easier to buy a new one in most cases.

As long As the commutator is not trashed and the brushes are good, all you need is fish paper, magnetic wire, and lacquer to bind the windings to completely rewire a motor.

Some manufactures sell replacement armatures, stators, and brushes.

Now I have always done this from scratch but if you are going from 120 to 240 volts 60 cycle, double the windings and half the wire.

It is harder to do than I just explained because when you half the wire it is the cross section aria of the wire and you must count the number of turns in both the stator and the armature windings and then match them to the cycles (IE 40-50-or 60 cycle of the hydro where you are). that involves the placement of the windings in the armature.

But It can be done.

You know your motors Joe..

It would take a delicate and steady hand to wind (say 400 turns plus) on a ten slot, 20 com bar armature. I could not begin to attempt to do this and finish it before I pass.


When I did it in the shop 5 minutes to do 1000 windings but it doesn't count when a machine does most of the work. Most armatures don't have a lot of windings 40 or 50 car starters can have as little as 10 and 50 or 60 horse can have 1000. The lower the voltage the fewer the windings.


2 years ago

Dewalt433 is a heavily geared fractional HP series universal power tool motor.

Its not worth the man-hours it would take to fix and only the manufacturer has the specialized machines to wind and impregnate the armature.


Someone had to really load it down causing high current and low fan speed both of which can destroy wire to wire insulation shorting coil turns like plaque in your blood vessels at end of life...