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Dyeing hair black with big purple streaks i've got 2-3 inches of blonde roots with dyed black hair help please?? Answered

could someoe give me some advice and info.I just joined this site today. I'm normally on facebook find me by e-mail tangled_web666@yahoo.com  I want to dye black hair with big streaks of purple  the problem is it's been awhile since my hair was dyed (and i've never done it myself my sistere R.I.P. use to do it for me) I'm always broke anyway back to it... i've got about 2-3 inches of blonde roots that goes into my hair thats dyed black how would I go about doing that with the least amount of diffuculty steps and effort what i'm mean is a way that is "IDIOT PROOF"... yeah I know I sound lazy but i've tried to help my sister foil her hair once and i'm so uncordinated, and a perfectionist, as well as having athrists in my hands... I got so frustrated I couldn't do it perfect I gave up and she did it herself (which it turned out perfect) if you can help with advice or info i'd appreciate it If you can't or don't want to I understand but thanks for listening to me ramble about something i've been wanting to do again ever since my sister passed away in Aug, 09



8 years ago

If it's already dyed black, you're going to have a lot of trouble getting the black out to add the streaks. There are color remover products available, but they really just don't work on black-dyed hair. More likely, they'll just severely damage your hair. If you really want the two-tone look, you'd be better off dyeing the roots purple and leaving the black alone.


Answer 8 years ago

And I'm going to suggest going to a professional. I know it's costly but atleast when your hair falls out from mistreatment you have some one to throw stones at.