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"Dyeing" to know? Answered

I was wondering if any one has some good ideas to help me with an annoying problem if it can be helped.

I like to on occasion get used jeans like pants est and colour them using the ready to dye from a box. I pour the contents in to a large pot, add water, add an article of clothing and simmer for an hour or more. Then I rinse it under cold water and dry.

After I wear the thing, it comes time for it to get washed, I notice a lot of colour bleeds out in to the water again. It doesn’t seem to change the intensity of the colour job but I was wondering if there’s a way of making the colour bleed less when I wash my article of clothing.

Am I missing something? Should I do a salt bath after I dye the clothing? Just that the instructions say it has every thing in the powder.
Suggestions appreciated.


Its a general use, buy the powder in a box. It has the catalyst already mixed in to the powder dye. The brand I have with me was called Tintex but I have heard since then the company has gone out of business. I use another brand too but the name escapes me at the moment. You can find this little dye in a box at most department stores in the sewing section but I would imagine you can find it at a fabric store as well. Michaels has been known to carry it as well such as the Tulip brand. . But anyways is good for all washable fabrics except for polyesters which I don't use any how. I always follow the instructions, just that it seems that when it comes time to wash the article of clothing the water seems a bit dark. I will how ever try the method as recommended above when the time comes.
Thanks. :)

To help set the color add a cup of vinegar and a half cup of salt to the wash, along with color safe detergent and cold water (wash and rinse). You may have to repeat this a few times until the color stops running, but eventually it will help set the dye into the fabric and prevent any fading. From there after, ensure that you wash and rinse with cold water and use a color safe detergent.

completely agree with you canucksgirl, it's a good way to protect the color bleeds, and for your next time make sure that the dyes you use are for cotton and not for the wool, because wool takes dyes easily and less bleeds but cotton is a bit hard to color :)
Good luck :)


Can I also do this by hand washing?
Since there are some clothes I like to wash by hand.

But none the less. Thanks for the tip. going to try this. :)

Yes, you can do this by hand washing. Just make sure that the salt is dissolved before you add the clothes.

If you need any more help, just let me know.

Is the dye made for coloring cotton? The process for coloring cotton and coloring wool and other animal fibers is very different. Wool colors about like you would dye your hair, but dying cotton in a way to make it colorfast (ie, not bleed) is harder.

Take a look around the internet. There are lots of in depth guides to how to dye cotton out there. They might clue you in to a step you're missing.

Thanks again and much appreciated. :)