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Dyna-Flex PowerBall Tachometer Hack HELP !?! Is their anybody out their???? Answered

I'm looking for a way to Hack this Dyna-Flex PowerBall Tachometer ( Speedometer ) I wish to use this LCD device to Time ,register shutter speed,& motor speed for 16mm & 35mm Motion Picture Cameras. The Tachometer displayes RPM's, I need to know the exact speed of the camera, ie: 1800 RPM's = 24 fps ( frames per second )I'm not sure how this unit works ? Induction current ? The Dyna-Flex Gyro Ball has coils & a magnet that is incorporated in the Ball. The Tachometer will only register the RPM's if it is on top of the PowerBalls window, and not on the side of the ball.
This unit could be used for many other applications. Since it is the size of a Silver Dollar and uses little or no power, with the right pick up ( magnetic ? ) it could be of great technical use with other HACK projects.


Is their any body out their interested in this ?? I figures out of the 1,000,000 or so people into Tech stuff on the WEB, I'd get more of a Nibble..... ?

. The best I can figure out, your tach requires a magnet and attaching a magnet to your shutter is likely to change its' speed. . I'd think that to get an accurate reading of the shutter speed you would want some sort of photo-sensor, mounted behind the shutter, and a frequency meter/oscilloscope. Point the camera towards a light and take your measurements.

Hi Thank you for your reply ! I don't want to mess with the shutter at all. I was thinking of putting a reflective dot on the back side of the shutter and use a Optical tach. to get the shutter speed. I'm looking to get the exact speed of the cameras Motor. I need 1,800 RPM's to give me 24 fps.this will give me sync sound. This Powerball Tachometer is cheep ( eBay $ 15.00 ) it is a good platform to work from. I see many things that could be HACKED from this cheep Tach. ie: Motor controll, Drill Press speed, Lathe Speed indicator, Crystal Sync of Stepping motors, Bicycle equipment,Wind Generator speed indicator, Water Generator speed indicator, feed rate indicator for wood working shop, Model Rocket Speed indicator ( vane outside of the rocket gives speed ) Their must be thousands of uses for this cheep unit ! I have included the back side picture of the tachometer. the silver barrel is: 1.90mm x 5.95 long ( I belive this is the pick up coil ) it has 2 wires soldered to it. Question is can these wires be un - soldered and the component be remotely located ? The whole Tachometer weights 8.9 grams this would lend it's self to Hobby planes & Boats. This looks like something you HACKERS would like to investigate. Hope to get more replys. Thank you all. Magic