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Dystopia is dead :( Answered

Unfortunately, as I ran out of pieces while building Dystopia, I just had two opportunities:
1st: buy more pieces
2nd: take it down
Shadowman39 talked me into taking it down.
I just made some pics of the parallel arm lift in the hope someone might rebuild it.


Yeah im thinking about doing the same with exodus and building a smaller one.

I am far from having enough pieces and im too lazy to go buy more...

happens to me all the time XD

Then you, sir, must have a s**t ton of k'nex, 0_0 because mine fills up an under-the-stairs closet in my basement 0_0

And I've ben collecting knex for 8 1/4 years now!!!

*stares at computer screen in awe* um, YES!!!

That skinks :( It looked really cool. By the way do you have any more pictures of the parallel arm lift?

That sucks! I get why you cancel it. And I might rebuild it when I have time+pieces.

That would be cool, then all the work won't be lost. :)