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E-mail alerts - a question for Robot. Answered

Dear Robot,

When I log onto the internet, it is my habit to first check my emails, including working down the list of comments in my daily alert from Instructables.

I know you put the emails together, but what is your logic?

The reason I ask is because the messages are not in chronological order, nor are they in reverse chronological order. They are in some sort of random order. For instance, there were three comments from one thread. They were made one after the other, each a reply to the one before, within a couple of minutes.

Yet they arrived in my alert 2nd message, then third, then first, with other messages from other threads, posted hours apart, interspersed between them.

It's not a life-threatening situation, but it is one of life's little puzzles.


So, I'm guessing nobody actually knows the answer...?


I actually like illusions....I am challenged to see it flat and then it "goes away" as an illusion :-)


10 years ago

That picture is awful! xD

LOL - I just googled for "dice", to represent the random order the comments get stacked in the emails. It was one of the first images to come up...

I feel like I'm gunna throw up! Trying to make sense of it!!!

Try tracing one edge with your eyes, round, round...

Goes green

Look, see how it effect guyfrom7up's color ? :-)