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E85 to G15 and E100 Answered

Is there some way to remove the gasoline content from E85 to leave denatured ethanol? Is this even legal? I'd like to have some denatured ethanol on hand for my alcohol burner (isopropyl leaves soot), but a gallon can at the hardware store is $13.99. Since E85 is still well under $3.50/gallon, it seems like it would make more sense to remove the stinky, explosive gasoline from E85.


Darn it, two weeks ago I made an order from AS&S, and they carry both the flask and the condenser. Given the price, though, I'm not sure if I'd actually be saving money. I'd have to distill about ten gallons before it paid back. Any ideas for DIY substitutes?

As a side note, it this even legal? Clearly no one in their right mind would drink something that still had traces of gasoline in it, but "drunk is not exactly "right mind."

Have you ever actually done something like this, or do you just happen to know how it works?

. I used to work with a packed-tower, steam-driven distillation column where we removed MeOH from water before discharging the water to the environment. Very similar to what you want to do, but easier since the boiling points are further apart.
. There are probably other ways to separate C8H18 et al and EtOH, but I don't know what they would be or even how to search for them. You may be able to find something that will ab/adsorb the gasoline and not the EtOH.
. Distilling your own "spirits" is probably illegal, but in the amounts you are talking about (2-3 gallons/year?), I doubt if the law would mess with you. Add some MeOH to the EtOH to make your own denatured alcohol, which should be legal (but I'm no lawyer) and burn just fine (IIRC, MeOH burns hotter than EtOH, but my memory may be faulty). There will probably be enough gaso in your distillate that it will be considered denatured, but that's just a guess.
. I've never done it on a DIY scale, just a 30 foot tower.

Hmm, good idea. A little risky though