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EAP Vs. Oodassault V3 Answered

Well the oodassault V3 was in part a challenge to DJ at first. I also challenged the comment by KSC that he could and would make a new oodammo pistol that would be better than mine if I were to make a new one. We seemed a little hard-edged at first but we turned it around into a friendly competition. You guys are the judges.

The instructions are simple. Just rate the EAP and the Oodassault V3 both out of 5 of how much you liked each of them. I'll count them up when we have plenty of comments. That way we can see ultimately which people not only prefer but how popular overall they were. I personally think it's pretty close. Feel free to tell us what you want us to improve on so that we could try making the perfect oodammo pistol. Please put your ratings at the very beginning of your post and try to limit other comments so that I can total them up easier.
EAP and Oodassault shared Pros
-Strong structural designs
-Triggers built for power
-Comfortable Handles
-High cap mags
-5 layered with few blue rods sticking out
-both can be loaded while half loaded.

EAP Pros
-Probably a bit stronger structurally
-Doesn't require as many black Ys
-Stronger magazine
-Chances of firing more than one or the magazine breaking are slim
-Fast front loading
-Internal Mag pusher
-Harder to aim
-Uses Wheels for handle
-Best requires a modified piece for trigger

Oodassault Pros
-Pretty compact aside from magazine
-Comfortable handle without use of wheels
-Tilting mag that locks back
-Can accept stripper clips or detaching rod clips
-Trigger guard and safety (simple mod I made later. I can explain it if people really want it)
-No modded pieces needed
-Uses more Black Ys
-Less sturdy magazine
-Less reliable firing
-External Mag pusher



8 years ago

Both are equally good. The E.A.P and the Oodassault both have there pros and cons, but they always will be equal.


8 years ago

I didn't read the whole wall of text up there, ^, but I'd have to give it to EAP.
Just because I hate having to hold the front of the mag for the Oodast3.

Alright keep 'em comin'. I'm coming up with an image of the OodAst4 in my head right now.

Uh... ok.
In that case, also make it have an internal mag pusher, sights, and a thinner handle.

Thinner handle? Aww I loved the handle on that thing...you little kiddehs and your tiny hands. Alright. Anything else? I'm thinking on working on it right after the BAW so dish out as much as you can. Which do you prefer the rectangular design structure like on his and the MeZak or my slim design? I prefer mine as I don't stack up a lot of rubber bands but I've dropped it and it survived and I never actually did see how many rubber bands it could survive using. I do have an idea though for the yellow box style.

I like the general setup of it, but my hands are flippin' tiny...

 I don't think you guys should argue for your guns, that way it'll stays a fair competition.

That would be like not letting presidential candidates debate in an election.

Yeah I do think that we should have the right to at least make someone rethink their views. I'm not trying to persuade them. I'm not going to mudsling the EAP. I'm just defending my pistol for some reasons that I may think are stupid.

Well I'm not fighting for mine. I'm just letting people tell what they think.

I have tiny hands. =P
Anyway, make the mag tilt out a bit more, make sure it doesn't fly open when you shoot, make sure it can use stripper clips, yes I prefer your slim design, and make it able to switch between blue and red magazines fairly easily.

That'd be awesome.

I was thinking I'd ditch the tilting mag thing entirely and just make some sort of simple removable magazine or clip. Most of the reasons people have rated the EAP better were because it didn't have to deal with the tilting mag. To most people it's more of a liability than an actual benefit.

Yeah, I somewhat agree... But make sure the removable mags and/or clips don't take up too much space or pieces.

Wouldn't have thought about them otherwise.

I'm gonna go with the Oodassault V3.


8 years ago

First picture: 4/5
Second picture: 3.5/5

I don't know which is which.


8 years ago

oodasault v3 uses no broke parts, looks better and more compact. my opinion

Alright. If you were to rate both of them out of 5, what would each one score?

Oodassault v3- 4.7 (mag breakability)

E.A.P- 4.9 (Who cares about a broken piece?)

Who cares about a broken mag? That I can fix. A broken piece you can't =P.

Killersafecracker said the broken part was optional above.

oodasault v3 = 5
EAP = 4 (due to the broke piece)

Just to let you know. You don't have to use a broken piece. In fact I'm going to try to not use them anymore. I found a way to work around them

Judging from the pros and cons of each gun, I would give the EAP 4.5 and the oodassault 3.5 because the cons of the oodassault are actually deal breakers compared to the EAP cons.

Looks good. I agree on everything other than using wheels for the handle is a con. How is that a con?? You don't have to use them, I'm useing the kind of thing zak uses.

I'm just saying that both handles are comfortable but in order for yours to be as comfortable you need wheels that not everyone has. It's not entirely bad at all but just something to consider seeing how my handle is comfortable regardless if you have wheels or not. Otherwise the white rods are kind of annoying. It's just as fair as saying that my gun requires a lot of black Ys to work its best.

Oh it would be cool if someone who had the time and pieces would make a video comparing the two side by side and shooting.